Sunday, February 22, 2015


It snowed again today. Then we got covered in ice. Thank goodness The Mister and I had the good sense to squirrel away a bottle of boozy eggnog and a few fruitcakes or we would be at each other's throats.

I take that back. We are at each other's throats. We've been fighting tooth and nail over...cats.

We've got some really stupid ones that don't like to come inside and it's been below zero around here.

I worry myself sick about it and The Mister thinks I'm being stupid.

We have a little kitty door in the basement so they can come in if they want but they don't like to come in when people are down there. When alone they make themselves very comfortable. When disturbed they scatter back out into the cold.

The problem is all The Mister's fun stuff is down there and if anyone has a bad case of cabin fever from being stuck upstairs in the same room as me, he does. There's been a lot of yelling and pouting. They do have three heated huts and The Mister does let me leave the kitty door open all night so they can get some relief once everyone's turned in for the night. So far the kitties are doing fine. Me....not so much. Come on spring.


  1. Oh, so sorry for the rotten weather! Cabin fever is a tough predicament....Hope you can get a walk soon!

  2. Wish I could beam you over here! Hang in there!

  3. Try not to worry about the kitties too much! They have fur coats that keep them warmer than you'd think. And you've got heated huts for them - they will be just fine!

  4. guzzle the eggnog and put some in the kitties dishes. a little drop should do it!

  5. Oh they are so beautiful. The winter is harsh and difficult for us all. Feed them extra to burn off while out in the cold. I've been watching dr. pol...he says to feed more

  6. Those cats are so beautiful. I love their coats! I'm a worrier. I'm not saying it's always right and attractive, but I can relate. When I'm feeling righteous about it, I remind others with a lot of Soap Opera venom in my voice, "Well SOME people worry, because they CARE ..."

    What? spiteful, passive? what? ;)