Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Getting Serious

 I've been busy but I had to find the time to get the MDSW yarn plied. That shawl needed to be on the needles asap.

It all was pretty painless until it was time to give it a bath.

 It lost a lot of color.

 Now that it is dry it isn't too bad. The light bits got lighter but I like the contrast.

I've got two ounces to work with and more to ply on the bobbins plus quite a bit of leftover fiber. That's good.

This is the first chart of nineteen repeats that need to be done before the top is picked up and knitted as short rows. That's more fresh snow it's laying on. Ugh.

It's becoming a tradition to start my spring shawl in the snow. What ever happened to our average February temperatures in the high 40's? Don't get me wrong. I like snow-in December and January. Snow after Valentine's Day is a nuisance.


  1. Knit Knit Knit! Looking forward to seeing the finished shawl

  2. So pretty! I have always found that turquoise always sheds color for a long time....almost as bad as red. Enjoy the knit..it looks fascinating!

  3. I love aqua blues! I love your repeat. I love your tradition. ITs freezing here too and Im not happy about it. But the village workers are fixing a busted pipe in the street and THEY look so cold!

  4. I guess you can see it lose color, but really from here, especially knit up, the color is beautiful. It's going to be absolutely lovely.

  5. That's one of my favorite colors! Looks great; knit on. And stay warm.