Sunday, March 1, 2015

In Like a Lion

 March would feel more like a victory if it wasn't all icy and snowy again today. March is for green things and being outside-not winter weather advisories. Jeesh.

 My calendar cross stitch got this far in February. That heart was a killer. That's a lot of red. It looks pretty lumpy and uneven but that's exactly how the month went so it will stay that way.

My March apron is almost done. After a few late night sewing sessions, I only have a bit of slip stitching to do on the contrast bands. I'll pop The Quiet Man in the DVD player and have it done long before St. Patrick's Day.
Happy March!


  1. I'm always glad to say goodbye to March! The apron is lovely...that will brighten things up! It is gloomy and overcast here, too! Sunshine, where are you?!?

  2. Love love love your Irish apron!

  3. Think about March leaving like a LAMB!