Monday, March 2, 2015


Today I was supposed to be sharing more photos of my skating props in action at our latest competition but instead I got iced in at home. I'll drive in snow but way. I could skate in my front yard right now. It's that bad.

From a distance it's a sparkly fairyland.

Up close it's treacherous.

 The pine trees are so heavy with it, they look like they are hugging themselves. Poor things.

Many years ago we spent an unhappy week taking refuge in the basement without electricity or water while we watched tree limb after coated tree limb come crashing down. It's a sound you never forget.

Ever since then, the only ice outside an ice rink that I get along with is the stuff floating around in my gin and tonic. Last night, when I heard that sound again somewhere out in the darkness, I had myself a stiff one. Make that two.


  1. Treacherous! We had an ice storm like that when I lived in're right, I will never forget the sound; like rifle shots all night! Stay home and be safe. I hope they isn't too much damage to your yard/woods.

  2. You are too funny! ice in the that sound. I love it even when its just for ice water or diet pepsi.
    We are due for an ice storm tomorrow night. It is scary stuff .

  3. Yikes! Hope you don't have any downed limbs.

  4. Wow, you show the danger behind the shine. Stay safe, have a cocktail for me :)

  5. Oh, I love that last photo, so pretty!