Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Saint Patrick's Day means March is more than half over. I usually hate March but it's flying by.

I managed to get my apron done before I had to cook The Mister his corned beef and cabbage. There's a heap of hand stitching that has to be done with this pattern but if I plunk it down in the middle of the kitchen table, I seem to find a minute here and a minute there to get it done.

It's a wrinkled mess but I don't have time to give it a wash before putting it in service. There's too much that needs attending to in the kitchen. This is one day that The Mister and I actually eat dinner together sitting down in the dining room. He looks forward to it all year so it better be good.

 The latest dishtowels are done also. They flew off the loom but they are far from perfect. Wonky towels dry hands and dishes as well as perfect ones so I'm not complaining.

Our St. Patrick's Day actually started yesterday with a trip to the grocery store for ingredients where we found these neon green bagels we had to have for breakfast. The Mister has to do things with his mom today so we celebrated last night.

 Dinner was the usual.

 This is The Mister's Plate. I don't eat the corned beef but I'm still full from the rest of it.

 Pup was doing a jig for a taste of what ever was making the house smell so good.

Between the simmering corned beef and my latest Yankee Candle obsession, the house smelled like heaven instead of cat pee for a change.

Dessert was mini cupcakes. Between the cupcakes and the beer I had a calorie overload last night. Today I plan on jigging the day away.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!


  1. Love your IRISH post and your Irish toast!

  2. Nice to . see you managed to finish some great projects on time! I'm glad you had fun!

  3. Fun post! Super green and cheery and don't you regret one single calorie!

    I love the apron and towels turned out great in my opinion, well you know those colors ... you can't go wrong!

    I'm dying to know what the shamrock candle smells like, Baileys?

    Happy St. Patrick's Day to you. I hope you are smiling and jigging and sneaking in another beer. I'd cheers you if I could.

  4. Love that apron and the towels! Sounds like a fun celebration to me. We are celebrating late on the weekend, just to be different.

  5. that all looks good. I love your feasts