Monday, March 30, 2015

Even More Soap

 The Mister came home last Thursday after a hard day wrangling his 95 year old mother to find the kitchen in total disarray. I had received another shipment of soap goodies and had crawled out of my sickbed to give it a go.

 Since I am always broke, I've been trolling the internet for places with low shipping costs and/or coupons.

These new goodies came from Wholesale Supplies Plus.

 They have lots of sampler bags which is perfect for my small scale experiments.

I found this cosmetic grade glitter at Micheal's.

I did some layering, swirling and embedding with the pink mica and some pink grapefruit essential oil.

 It looked and smelled good enough to eat.

 I was nervous about cutting the bars but I took my time and it wasn't too terrible this time around.

 They are happy little bars, aren't they? The sparkle is so pretty.

I could make soap all day. This is just too much fun. I'd need a warehouse of soap base, though. It goes quick.

I also made another sample bar of coffee soap adjusting the essential oil for a stronger scent and playing with some coffee and cream type swirls. All this soap is making me hungry. I wish I had a brownie.


  1. These bars of soap are really pretty!!!! You are really getting good at this! Keep feeling better.

  2. Beautiful bars. I love the looks of the swirls. I bet the smell is terrific.

  3. I am afraid I would eat those bars...seriously. Between both your elderly have a very full fragile plate

  4. Love, love love what you have done. I need to come take lessons.
    Deb M.