Saturday, March 14, 2015

Here Kitty, Kitty

 I've got some cute kitties but they've been bad. So very bad.

 During the big storm they were all sharing the downstairs.

 We even got the outside ones to come in out of the cold to eat from time to time when things got really harsh.

It suddenly became apparent that our little visitors created a pee war.

They all started spraying to mark their spot. The house was reeking.

Amazon once again came to the rescue. How did we ever survive without it? The black light thingy worked like a charm. I could find every place where they were naughty so I could clean it up with my new arsenal of cleaners. What you don't want to ever do is use that light thing in your own bathroom though. Ewwwww......I've been cleaning like a maniac ever since.

Miss Mr. Hoover
One rather interesting kitty fact is that when I took our latest addition to the vet's last week for shots I was informed that she is actually a he. It seems my knowledge of kitty anatomy is questionable at best. That big belly is not kittens after all. Thank goodness.


  1. Kitty manners are very different from our; in fact their outside manners look just like their outdoor ones! That urine illumination light is very cool... CSI cool!

  2. Ohhhhhh So sorry. Im sure they we're just stressed by your true kindness. Out they go! That illumination light is really neat! I believe they really want their own boxes plus one like the CAT people say. Obviously not possible when you are being kind to a number of outdoor cats .
    You are a dear for sheltering and feeding them and enduring the pungent odor

  3. my cat Mary has been very bad lately as well.
    Mr Hoover is so handsome!