Monday, March 16, 2015

Soaping for Dummies Part 1

 I've been waiting for this box for a long time. It took it's sweet time getting here.

The reason is that there are lots of regulations about shipping oils. They are a hazard so they have to be shipped by ground only and they came all the way from the west coast-by horse and wagon I think.

My new obsession is watching people make soap on You Tube every night. It's oddly calming.

I'm still making soap of the melt and pour variety. I bought a sampler of all Brambleberry has to offer. Seven pounds of it.  I'm still too chicken for lye but I will get over that as soon as the weather warms up. If I can take it outside I think I can do it. I also got a bag of dried Marigold petals. They are a popular natural additive among the rock star soapers. Ariane Arsenault and Homemade in Florida are my faves among the rock stars. I could watch them make soap all day.

Brambleberry charges an arm and a leg for shipping and now I can see why. All the oils are in their own little space capsule type pillows layered among the other items. I bought some orange essential oils and some tomato leaf fragrance oil. I know that sounds crazy but it smells like heaven.

I also bought some natural colorants. As much as I love store bought fancy soap, it turns me into an itchy mess. That's the reason I started making my own-so I could control the ingredients.

 I also bought a small 4 inch silicone loaf mold. The one I have is too big just to make a few layered bars for personal use.

Ages ago I ordered this pretty little mold from Amazon. It had to get here all the way from China. It arrived the day before my Brambleberry order which was very good timing. Now I have to clear the calendar so I can have a day to play with my new stuff. It won't be tomorrow. I'll be making Irish soda bread and drinking green beer,


  1. I have to be very careful with the soap I buy too (I usually stick to Dove unscented). I never thought of making my own

  2. mmm soda bread, I've yet to make any this year. I will. In time. Trying to stay away from the breads.
    I love the heart mold! I have a little heart collection!

  3. You are definitely multi-talented! Can't wait to see how your soap-making turns out.

  4. If I wasn't allergic to fragrance I'd be in on this idea.