Friday, March 6, 2015



It's time to put this guy away. This is the worst storm yet.

I took this photo in the daylight. There is more now. It's just crazy out there.

 I normally like a good snow day but Daddio's still in the hospital and I need to be there but I can't get there. As usual he's getting a bum deal because he's old. Every time the phone rings it's someone I have to fight with.  I really hate it. I'm no good at confrontations.

 I'm consoling myself by eating everything in the house. The last fruitcake is a goner.


  1. " As usual he's getting a bum deal because he's old."

    So true! My 86-yr-old husband has been in the hospital for two weeks (heart issues) and the whole family had to fight every inch of the way to be sure that his doctors' orders were carried out and that he was given proper care.

  2. I'm sorry for all the stress. Here's hoping things improve greatly today!

  3. So so sorry. I have to take my let it snow sign down too Im going to do that right now.

  4. I'm glad Daddio has you to advocate for him, but crap, I wish it was unnecessary for you to need to. Maybe you should send your snow sign out to us here in California. Where I live we only get rain, but what we wouldn't do for any moisture. I hope the worst of the weather passes quickly and Daddio's situation improves faster.