Wednesday, March 11, 2015


 My Galactic Slime socks are done. I love the way the happy orange and neon green randomly striped and pooled. It was fun watching them dance around the ribbing.

 They look great with my new yellow Crocs. Now I'm ready for warmer weather. Isn't everybody?

 Speaking of warmer weather, look what's popping up. Yep, under all that snow my crocus were doing their thing.

You can still see the snow cover behind the Camellias. The poor things have frost damage but there are plenty of buds. We are now just nine days away from the blessed vernal equinox. This year there will be a total solar eclipse with a supermoon for those in the high northern latitudes. Sadly, that is not us down here in the Mid-Atlantic. Maybe next time.


  1. Hooray for yellow socks and all things Spring!!!!!

  2. Love seeing your garden green! I was thinking about trying to unearth some of the garden from the snowy grip of winter sometime this weekend.

  3. Oh Oh signs of spring. Oh oh I must go outside and look in my yard today IF the snow evaporates more.
    I LOVE your socks and your Crocs. Do you grow FLox?
    are you flummoxed?