Sunday, March 15, 2015

Show Off

  I am well aware of the fact that I keep showing off weaving kits but I never show off the finished towels.

 I love my kits so much I hate to use them.

This kit makes kit number five in the six month kit of the month club. I'm way behind. I did finish one and it took months and months. It made my brain hurt but I managed to limp to the finish line.

Unlike in knitting,  making up your own design for the loom is way easier than trying to figure out what was in someone else's head. I don't speak fluent weave yet but I know forcing myself to try new things is going to help. I was planning to make some Easter towels of my own design when the St Patty's towels come off the loom but that ship sailed when I discovered Easter is actually right around the corner. I guess I should just pick a kit and get on with it. If I start warping one now I may be done by Memorial Day.


  1. I think one of those warping wheels would work better than the board. Then you could devote more time to actually warping it! lol. The colors and pattern for this kit look fantastic!

  2. I don't speak WEAVE at all. So IM impressed.

  3. Looks to me like your St. Paddy's Day towels are coming along just great! I love how you put the colors together.