Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Out Like a Lamb

When I was cleaning up the fiber stash last week I found these orphan nests of roving. They are leftovers from some long ago sock making.

Daddio had helped me dye the fleece and card it out on my deck. That seems like ages ago from where we are now. Sigh.

Since I had an empty wheel I decided to spin them willy-nilly which is always my favorite way.

It's fun watching the colors change. I am going to chain ply it and then put it away until next winter to be made into something warm and woolly.

The Ladybug is still working its way through the Loop Bullseye Bump. That was one big hunk of fiber. I've been spinning it forever. I am happy to say I am getting ready to head into the last of the terribly loooong color changes and I can't say I'm even a tiny bit sorry. I'm so ready to move on.


  1. Too true-I am like that with most projects; ready so see the end of them so I can move on to something else!
    This will be a very fun yarn to knit with tho-keep going!

  2. It better go out like a lamb here.....we've had the lion a bit too much! I LOVE your spinning, your soap making, your knitting and your fun words on the blog