Saturday, March 28, 2015

More Soap

 A few days ago, before I got sidelined with this nasty bug, The Mister had gone off to hit some golf balls leaving me alone to have some quiet time in the kitchen with my soap toys. I tried to replicate some of the tricks I saw on You Tube but melt and pour doesn't react to poking and prodding like cold process. My attempts at swirling were not so good.

 It all cooled quickly on the chilly deck. I didn't have long to wait to see how things turned out.

 My second heart turned out as good as the first. That's one amazing mold.

 I used some scraps to make bars that turned out looking like something you'd want to eat. I wish I'd had some apple cinnamon fragrance because this looks like apple pie to me. Now I want some.

My latest loaf creation combined activated charcoal and olive leaf powder for some so-so swirls. I sprinkled in a dash of poppy seeds for some serious exfoliation. The scent was a blend of chamomile, cedarwood, sage, lavender and geranium essential oils bottled together from Eden's Garden. It smells good but it smells like a guy's soap. Of course I botched the cutting again. I really need to get a box type cutter. I stink at straight cuts.


  1. You are really progressing beautifully! The heart bar if incredible-nice saponificating!

  2. I love handmade soaps. Yours look terrific. I really want to try this some day.

  3. The heart soaps are very nice. Handmade soaps are wonderful.