Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Something Green

The St. Patrick's Day warp is almost finished. I learned the trick of using a counting thread to separate the bunches for rough sleying and it worked like a charm.

 I also wound the end that is usually chained. It worked so much better. I never did get the hang of that chaining thing and always ended up with a tangled mess.

 After my apron tie disaster with my Valentine towels, I used lots of heavy string to secure the rod.

After all those successes, I did have one major disaster. When getting ready to sley the reed, I discovered a missed thread way back at the beginning and had to redo most of it-twice. I apparently can't count to four backwards or forwards which is the only thing I have to remember to thread a simple twill. It was a back breaking effort to make up for lost time. By mid week I should be ready to weave. Maybe.


  1. That looks nice. The green is going to fun.

  2. All disasters were my rookie mistakes, over and over! Too bad you can't buy warped thread! It is going to be a beautiful towel!

  3. I love, love the color on these towels. I'm also appreciative of anyone else that admits to counting issues, especially when crafting or divvying up the last of dessert, ha! Strategically, I will always get a few more m&ms.

  4. May the Luck of the Irish be with you!