Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Uh, Oh....

 I had a grand time starting my new crochet project, the Cosy Stripe Blanket. The tutorial over on Attic 21 is excellent. Perfect for newbies like me-I thought.

It all looked great until I tried to stretch it out. Oh no, the beginning chain was too tight and the whole things was curving. I knew what that meant- a lot of frogging. Argh......

 After doing a little homework I learned that I should have used a size bigger hook to make the chain with.

 My second try was better but now a bit on the floppy side. I'll live with it.

I thought I had everything under control when I noticed my ends were not lining up right. I was losing stitches somewhere. Argh.....

 I got out some stitch markers to try to keep track of what was going on but it's not as easy to do this as it is in knitting. I think I figured out what is going on but only time will tell. Right now, I need a break. My head hurts.

 To make myself feel better I spent the rest of the night working on something I know.

 Something where stitch markers and counting actually work.

I finished the third border of purple on my mosaic sampler blanket. This I can do.


  1. Work out all the bugs then it will fly-crochet is much faster than knitting! (One hint with crochet, if you always start a blanket row on the same side, the blanket will be a parallelism and not a rectangle. Rows should begin first on one side and the the other the avoid this.)

  2. It looks good, but it looks as if you're missing stitches on the end. On the pinkish row it looks as if there should be one stitch after you last 3 dcs. In the first example, there's a white stitch missing on the end. I tell my students, to put the work on a flat surface. The ends should be straight. As if you're looking at a rectangle where the ends are parallel. If you want to , shoot me an email mbray54atcomcast.net.

  3. You do amazing things. I love your crochet progress.
    The mosaic is so intricate and beautiful. Nice work lady!

  4. Your mosaic sampler is gorgeous. I have to admit, I get these longings to pick up a hook every now and again. I can see how Attic 24 makes you feel that way. Her stuff is fantastic. But then I think back to my last few crochet projects one ended in circular knots of disaster and the other just was such a battle ... I'm over it. I love those stripes though and look to you to vicariously enjoy.

  5. this is why I don't crochet. everything turns into a triangle eventually.