Saturday, November 22, 2014

Still Tangling

My Zentangle supplies have dramatically multiplied which means I am still hooked.

 I still spend a ridiculous time copying other people's tangles from You Tube or Pinterest. I'm pretty bad at it but I like having doodles in my head that I can use when I want. It's like being able to play a song on the guitar without sheet music in front of you. I know only one song on the guitar but I have quite a few tangles in my head.

 I was feeling confidant enough that I envisioned making my own tangle Christmas cards. I've done and re-done the same design over and over hoping to get one right. I even got The Mister in on it.

I even made templates so that if I decide to do this I can crank them out with some speed but I doubt it's happening in spite of the fact that I already bought the blank note cards and envelopes. What I am tempted to do is to draw the outline or "string" as it's called in the Zentangle world and let my family and friends come up with their own tangles as fillers. Why should I have all the fun?


  1. Oh, cool! I've dabbled with Zentangles! I like the idea of a Christmas cards-who wouldn't love to get one! Do it!

  2. It's looking great! I love the cards. Even if you don't think they are perfect, the recipients will love them!

  3. oh so now I am watching these on youtube and can't wait to try them.