Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Two Row Rule Update

 I'm not going to lie and say that I've been getting my daily quota in but all the same there is progress to behold.

 I know this because-gasp-I am running out of yarn.

 This is the handspun Shetland from the TdF so I still had some on the bobbins and plenty of washed locks left. Thank goodness. I managed to ply another skein and hopefully will get more on those bobbins asap.

 As for the cable project. Somehow it's ready for it's sleeves. I'm not sure how that happened. I must knit in my sleep.

Tracery is going the slowest of all but it's not my fault. It's Netflix's fault. I just discovered The Gilmore Girls somehow having missed it on it's first go round on television and instead of knitting at night I am glued to the screen living the life in Stars Hallow. If only...


  1. Wow, beautiful works on your needles; Tracery just glows! (The others I want to squeeze)

  2. Looks like the two row rule is working well. You've been making good progress on your projects. Lucky you have more handspun. I really love the Tracery colors.

  3. I'm inspired by this two row rule. I'm going to have to try some kind of rule to keep the WIPs moving, especially since it seems I'm doing more ripping with working these days.

  4. Well you are as busy as a spider lady! Wowo all three are magnificent knit ups. LOVE to knit the ribbing on hats like as you have on Tracery.

  5. you have a lot done. I'm a recent Netflix junky.

  6. Hhmph! Something ate my comment. Oh well. I love your projects, Tracery especially. Nice spinning, too!