Thursday, November 13, 2014

Oh, Canada

Dear Canada, I love your flag.

I love your music.

I love your national pastime.

I love all the reading material Son sends me from Montreal.

I loved listening to RCI on my shortwave. Now I listen to CBC on Sirius. I love almost everything about you....

..except your damn polar vortex thing.

I've got outside kitties to worry about and I have enough to worry about right now. These huts have a heating element but I'm still worried. Last winter was rough on us all and I thought we were all done with that freak thing that shall now no longer be named. Bah.

 I've had a rough day with Daddio's madcap homecoming and I don't appreciate having to spend my night now sewing quilted sleeping bags for critters who are too stupid to come in the house like kitties should. Dear Canada, whatever you are doing up there.....cut it out.


  1. Agreed-it is even messing with us in the South!

    Love your post!

  2. want to know the funny thing - it's not even that cold here yet (at least where I am - other parts of the country have snow and stuff) - we haven't even gotten a decent frost. It is snowing today, but it's just the small flurries that don't stick.

  3. I love canadian living's magazine. They have awesome crafts sections. have you googled them?

  4. You make me laugh! The "thing" for you and your outside animals is absolutely annoying, but it's good you can still find the good in Canada. They yield lots of good stuff, especially their people. Lovely kindness the world needs more of. Stay warm and toasty, everyone!