Friday, November 7, 2014

The Big Mess

 I knew yesterday that a messy project was brewing. Of course I had some white wool....

 ....and I had some dye so it only made sense to try to make my own colors.

 If you follow this blog you know I am no dyer. This mess only proves it. I wasn't even close to what I wanted.

 With nothing to lose I decided to try working the color in on a smaller scale.

 Better but still not what I'm looking for.

 I cut more white and tried it again using the fold and dip technique. Better. I gave the strips a spin in the microwave to set the dye...

 ...and then barely simmered it all in water and vinegar for about a half hour for good measure. I wasn't sure what to expect from wool fabric so I wanted to be safe and not sorry.

 The first two are the last ones I dyed and I think they are just what I want for my fall leaves. We'll see when they are dry enough to cut up.

 Later that night I decided that some of my already cut strips could use some pizazz so they also got dipped.

This is really risky business but we shall see in the morning if this was worth the trouble and the mess.


  1. Oh, yeah! I am woman; hear me roar! It's looking good!

  2. You have such talent! I can't wait to see how this works out.

  3. you Amaze me~!! Seriously . You are amazing

  4. Looks like lots of fun! Can't wait to watch your progress.