Thursday, November 6, 2014

Big Chicken

I know that's not a chicken. I'm the chicken because I've been sitting and looking at my turkey rug hooking project and been afraid to get started.

 What's holding me up is the colors. Look at all the beautiful variation in the wool in the pattern photo.

You get that by using this tie dyed type fabric. I have some in the stash but not all the colors I need to get started.

 What I did have I started to cut into strips. That will keep me busy while I figure out what to do.

So far I've got this much to begin with but something's still not quite right. I feel a mess coming on.....


  1. Looking forward to seeing your completed project. Now you've got me wanting to hook something.

  2. Do you have any white or light wool fabric, even lightly printed will dye beautifully with acid dyes! You are a dyer-you could do a perfect color for your pattern. (If you don't have any wool fabric-an emergency run to the fabric store is perfectly reasonable!)

  3. I'm with Two Cables ... you are definitely making this look fun. I'm enjoying the journey with you, but fighting the desire to learn a new craft when I have so much in progress now ...

  4. Oh dear. I don't know if you should put it in a time out NOW or have a glass or two of pinot!

  5. Interesting; I thought you'd be using yarn!