Saturday, November 15, 2014

Knit Walking Explained

The first thing you need, if you want to walk and knit at the same time, is a path where no one can see you. It's hard enough to explain any kind of knitting in public but walking and knitting at the same time-that's too weird even for me.

The second thing you need is a mindless project. Socks and dishcloths work best. The Mister asked me to knit dishcloths for his family for Christmas so that's what's going on now.

The third thing you need is a big pocket or a bag for the yarn. Now you know why I'm always wearing an apron.

Next you want some itty bitty reading glasses if you are blind like me. If you wear your big glasses you will fall in a hole or trip over a root. Don't ask me how I know this.

Finally you need a pooch that only wants to play chase. Fetch doesn't work.

Hopefully your pooch is smarter than mine. Look at where the rope is. You can't run very far that way.

Finally what you don't want is a ginormous cat stalking you the whole time. Hoover seriously scared the beejeezus out of me. I thought a bear was coming up behind us in the woods from the sound of the leaves but it was only some crazed cat apparently in desperate need of a tummy rub.


  1. Funny! I sit and knit...only! I'm glad you h ave walking buds, though. In the first pic, there is a building project or a demolition one happening?

    1. Hahahaha....that is The Mister's woodpile. It's where he splits the wood and stacks it. I've been telling him to clean that mess up...

  2. I've tried walking and knitting, but my tension is terrible when I do!

  3. the ultimate knit workout! I have to try it.
    Hee hee kitties can sound like a big bear in the fallen leaves