Friday, November 21, 2014

It Takes Two

 Now that I've got loads of tips on how to keep my work on the needles, it's time to get down to business. Thanks for all the helpful advice. I'll be putting them into practice asap. As slow as things are going, I can't afford to lose a stitch. Speaking of stitches, I'm on the sleeves of the White Pine but that twisted ribbing is taking forever. The pattern calls for a lot of it but I'm cutting my losses and moving on. I'm really not a fan of excessive ribbing anyway and 7 inches is excessive in my book.

 The Galliano vest is moving along but still has a loooong way to go.

 I need thirteen inches before something happens. I'm not sure exactly what but something that I hope includes decreasing. Those are some long stockinette rows to plow through now that the lace work is done.

 Finally, brick by brick Tracery is heading north.

That's the steek in the middle in case you are wondering. One day, one happy day, I am going to cut it up the middle and be done with it. The slow progress is still due to The Gilmore Girls. When I run out of episodes this thing will fly off the needles. Ha. I still have all the new episodes of Orange is the New Black to get through.


  1. Galiano is gorgeous. I am going to try 6 Feet Under the drama. Hear its awesome

  2. White Pine is going to be so nice when you get it done!
    And Tracery.... oh I'm still in love with Tracery!

  3. It all looks so good. But I'm with you 7" of ribbing is excessive.

  4. Love that Tracery. And I surely agree that 7" of any kind of ribbing is too much. Love all your projects, too.