Wednesday, November 26, 2014


 The man socks are done. Hurrah. Thanks to all of Daddio's recent medical misadventures, they were pretty painless but I'm still glad to have them behind me.

 I haven't actually closed the official book on them though. Being man socks, I need to make sure they fit. Men are fussy that way. I am prepared to rip and re-do if need be.

I have a nice bit left over and I've got this wild idea to make some monster socks-as in Frankenstein, when I get a place open in the project queue. My leftover sock bin is overflowing and so is my imagination.


  1. Hurrah for finished socks! I'll bet these will be popular.

  2. Great job on these socks; just in time for colder weather! Oh, the new socks idea sounds fun!