Saturday, November 1, 2014

Post Halloween Playbook

1. Send The Mister onto the roof with his Jason mask to clear out the gutters.

 2. Dust off the witch hat.

3. Don the Halloween socks.

4. Assemble the treats.

5. Light the candles.

6. Bake the beans and goblin franks.

7. Carve the mini pumpkin and toast burn the seeds.

8. Gather the spirits.

9. Light up the night.

10. Make doughnuts.

11. Eat doughtnuts until you are sick.

12. Crash on the couch with some Halloween favorites.

13. Head to bed with a favorite Halloween book.

I'm declaring this weekend a Halloween weekend because for someone who wasn't doing much of anything this year, I've got a giant Halloween mess on my hands and it's staying put until Monday.
Happy weekend y'all!


  1. Oh my goodness!!! We don't have Winter Jack in Canada!!! I need some of that!!!!!

    PS You look FABULOUS! in that hat!

  2. You made me laugh out loud! You done good as they say around here! I would love your doughnut recipe....that's something I've never tried! (I love to watch The Ghost and Mrs Muir!)

  3. Good for you. I'm glad you had fun for Halloween. The donuts look yummy.