Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Four Row Race

I finally have a finish in my group of projects I have been trying to put four rows on a day.

My latest handspun mitts are a thing of the past and I'm glad. One less thing to tick off every night.

 Among the other four row projects, I have some progress on the thrummed mittens to show. Watching the crazy color changes has been fun. These are going to be some strange looking mittens.

 That thumb should have been done ages ago but working in such a tiny space is fiddly. As cold as it is, I could really use these so now that the mitts are history these may be bumped up into the eight row club.

 The four row man socks are heading down the stretch, thank goodness. That's a lot of brown going on. Yawn.

 The biggest problem here other than the boredom issue is the needles. They are my favorites for when I want to knit fast because they are so slippery but I keep pulling them out whenever I take the project out of its bag.

 I bought one of these doo hickeys but it hasn't helped much.

Getting it on and off is risky business. The sock will come out but the needles will still be inside. Know of any good tricks to keep your work on your needles? I'm listening.


  1. BoxfordEllie - I use little rubber push on point protectors, eg Clover

  2. The brown would be too sedate after all those other colors! I have a needle trick for you- go to one circular a la magic loop method! Lol. It was at freezing here again this morning; I don't like the 30F' s....

  3. Rubberbands?? They may not be glamorous, but they work. If this shows up twice, please delete one. Thanks!!

  4. You could try something like these

    And I have some that are similar to this

  5. Nice work on the thrums; I could never figure that out! Your plan of a few rows a day is working for me, too, thanks!

  6. all I have is tricks that I can think of

  7. I love those handwarmers. That yarn is just fantastic. But all your projects have interesting yarn and are really fun to watch develop. Even the socks that you are bored with. I like that texture the yarn has. I bet it's more interesting in real life.