Friday, March 14, 2014

Unexpected Appreciation

 Once upon a time (2010) I bought some Knit Picks Bare Roving and dyed it.

I loved how the colors turned out but the resulting yarn was stiff and scratchy.

I used it for a rather hopeless pattern. It was some kind of vest like thing, knit in one piece that I kept screwing up.

I managed to finish the darn thing but I hated it. I never wore it until........

...this winter. I actually wore it to death-like everyday. It was cold, really cold. Not-like-Maryland cold and that stiff scratchy thing was what kept the chills out. It was like a shawl with armholes. I love it. I am getting ready to pack it away with care thinking that I really could use something else like this (in black) just in case we ever get another winter like this one. God forbid.


  1. Haha ! So glad you wore it to death. It reminds me of a childs Pattern on Ravelry called Pickles. I"ve always wanted an adult version!! Thanks and I love one piece things

  2. Ah! I enjoyed that step by step story. I'm glad it worked out for you in the end.

  3. Beautiful handspun. The colors are lovely and warm. I'm glad the vest was a hit this winter.