Monday, March 3, 2014

On the Very Edge

 I spent a very snowy day cutting and sewing the binding to finish off Son's quilt.

 It gave me a chance to use my new $49 Walmart machine. It's not fancy but it does sew a straight seam.

 First I had to even it all up. That was a tough job due to it's size and weight.

 I like sewing on binding. There is nothing to think about. Everything just falls nicely into place.

 The whole thing went pretty fast.

Now all that's left is to hand sew all those miles and miles of binding down on the back. Any volunteers?


  1. Find yourself a few good films and you'll hardly notice the time passing.. well, until the puppy decides it's her turn for some attention!

  2. I find hand sewing the binding a relaxing finish! I load up an audio book and stitch away! You are almost's good!