Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Last Gasp

 Winter has been officially over for days but it keeps hanging on. Pup is not amused.

Neither am I. We both miss our walks on the wooded path behind the house.

 I should be planting things not shoveling.

At least the little blooming things are not looking too damaged-yet.

  I have to admit that having a day to sit inside and play with yarn while watching a light snow fall isn't a terrible thing. I got some new yarn that I'll tell you about tomorrow. Today I had the time to start something simple with it.

 I also got the heel flap done on my fancy Elm Street socks.

 On Friday, we took a trip to Joanne's where I got this St. Patrick's material on clearance. I didn't exactly get around to making an apron with it today but I did think about doing it. I hate to say it but I would need a couple more snow days to get that done.


  1. Until you have more green outside-these colors will make your heart sing! Great knitting!

  2. Im done done done with snow…..but it is still falling in Chicago as of yesterday ! I love the first green yarn you have shown us today… cool variegation

  3. Our snow was very pretty yesterday and luckily most of it melted by evening. Love your pretty green projects! No more snow days, please, even if you do need a new apron. :-)

  4. I was just reading an article that said our area was in for a few more weeks of cold weather... I've never look so forward to a spring in my life!