Thursday, March 27, 2014

Green Stuff

 Getting this box in the mail always makes me happy. Knit Picks had a sale on green things last week and I had to have some.

 Green sock yarn was first on the list. Felici is being discontinued so I bought enough for two pairs in their Shamrock and Jingle coloways. I started another pair of Hermoine's in the Shamrock yesterday.

I also bought a set of green sock needles. The Caspian colored needles are so pretty. Not as pointy as the Harmony but I couldn't resist that color.

I also bought Arietta a present in a set of Caspian #7's. The Harmony needles were too close in color to the yarn making it difficult to see. Now if we could only get some green stuff going outside instead of all this ice, wind and snow, I'd be even happier.


  1. Love the new sock yarn-I have some of the Caspian needles, too-couldn't resist the green color!

  2. Green is good. I've got sprouts on the speeds I've planted indoors, but that's the only sign of green around here!

  3. i can see how the needle color could be an issue, never thought of that