Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Pupdate

 Someone got their first real bath this week. I took advantage of our 70 degree day to plunk Pup's butt in the sink. Yes, that's the kitchen sink. I process dirty fleece in it so a little dog doesn't faze me in the least. It gets an atomic bomb of a cleaning when I'm done.

 She handled it better than I expected.

 She liked the soapy water. She kept trying to drink it.

 What she didn't like was the towel. She hated being dried off.

It's a good thing I bought these super fast doggie drying towels because she only gave me a second for a rub down.

Her coat was a matted mess so I bought this tangle remover from Amazon. It worked extremely well. Now she is soft and silky and smells like something you would stick a little umbrella in.

In the past weeks, I have accumulated this ridiculous amount of grooming supplies in hopes that she might let me use one of them on her. I don't have this much stuff for my own hair.

The trick, I have discovered is to give her something yummy to chew on while I give her a quick brush. I tie an old bandana around the chew toy and then tie it to me so she can't run off with it. The things you do.....


  1. She is adorable and spells mischief with every glance. What a love.

  2. Very cute! Since he will need a lot of baths in his lifetime, it is good he enjoyed it! Adorable!