Thursday, March 20, 2014

Aquatic Therapy

 Daddio has been going to the pool once a week for therapy and I've been dragging along the sock blank to keep me company. My plan was for them to be some funny socks for him but he hates them. He says they are girl colors and won't wear them even though he dyed them. They are too big for me but I'm not ripping them back. I've done that before with a sock blank and it is a nightmare.

Having said that, knitting from a sock blank is too much fun. I highly recommend it. Just make sure you have a real plan before you start. These poor orphan socks are now going to become a pair of psychedelic leg warmers instead. They are not too "girly" for me.


  1. okay, Glad to learn from YOUR lesson. If I ever flat knit, I won't rip out! Crazy leg warmers are the best THey will be so cute.

  2. Fun colors! I've never used a sock blank before. If you're knitting two-at-a-time, do you have two dyed the same or pull from both ends?

    1. The sock blank is knit double so you pull two at a time. That's why the colors match.

  3. Those are going to be great legwarmers!