Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Pupdate

It takes a lot to get the little Miss ready for her walks. Trying to get her to hold still is the biggest issue. The minute she gets a hint that we are going out she goes berserk with excitement.

 I may just enjoy our walks more than she does. It's been a very long time since I've had a dog you could take for a walk.

 This is pretty much all I see of my doggie friend.


Her nose is to the ground the whole time.

 I hate it when she sniffs the wood pile. I know it's where the possums like to hide. She found a whole possum skeleton the other day. It was awful.

 We've got lots of downed trees to climb on.

 We always finish with a visit to the deck. She likes to check out my fleece drying racks and my dead herbs. Don't judge me on the gnome. I have no idea where he came from.

Luckily, she is as happy to go back in as she was to come out. There's cats to chase inside and she can catch them. The outside kitties are way too fast.

This is going to be the last pupdate for a while. She's really not a pup anymore and in the next few weeks she will have an appointment with the vets to get the big S. I am a wreck and really don't want to think about it at all. It's already keeping me up at night. I'll have another pupdate when we are safely on the other side.


  1. Very cute! Looks like the snow is gone...just waiting for the temps to rise a bit! She will do fine with the procedure....

  2. Pup is going to do just fine! (and I have a gnome too.. inherited from my boss.... I'm going to have to find a good place for him this spring)

  3. awww. having assisted in thousands of spays over the last 5 years I can tell you how very very safe they are. your vet will check her out very thoroughly. I have only witnessed two issues and both were very young kittens.
    Your pup will do great ! Get it over with!