Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Great Expectations

We were on high alert all weekend for "The Big One". On Monday the entire region closed down. We got all of three inches.

 We've had a lot of snow this year but no one storm amounted to much accumulation. This was the first time I took the sleds out of the shed but it was too cold to use them. Under that little layer of fluff is a sheet of ice.

I went out only long enough to take a head shot of this amazing hat that Little Sister surprised me with on Saturday. It's crocheted.

Who would have thought you could crochet such a cool hat? It's warm and stretchy and I love it as much as I hate all this winter weather. It's March for crying out loud.


  1. Love the hat. It looks nice and warm.

  2. March is nasty here in Chicago…most every year. I am trying to like March this year. I started out in Florida so I have little to complain about. LOVE THAT HAT

  3. We are getting MORE snow today. I need spring!!!!

    Love the hat!