Monday, March 24, 2014


 My rug hooking experiment has been gathering dust. Seriously. Just look at it. I had to give it a good cleaning.

 It was in time out because I had run into an issue with the corners and gave up on it.

 During one of our long boring snow days last week, I dug it out and decided to give it another go. Earlier I had sewn on some borders in hope of getting enough stretch to get it on the hoop but it was coming apart at the seams.

 With great care, I was able to coax the frayed ends into the hoop just long enough to get that corner turned.

Busy as it is, I wish I had drawn in even more designs in the background. All that black filler has become a real bore.


  1. My sympathies! I have a hooked rug that is also is just too tedious. I have lots of rugs my Grandma made and since I had tons of wool fabric, I thought I would give it a try years ago. I do love the look and while it is relaxing to do, it just takes too long! I am glad you got yours out to finish-you can do it!!!

  2. but the black as a backdrop is perfect for those of us just viewing!