Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Woolly Wednesday: Not Too Hot

 I am halfway through the yarn I spun during this year's TdF and I have a long way to go on the Featherweight Cardi.

 I have a few more locks leftover but not nearly enough to get another bobbin or two.

 Since the weather has been on the cooler side, I dug the fleece out and had a lock washing day.

 I have used up the best of the locks and now I am down to the really dirty parts.

It's going to be a challenge to get enough clean locks out of all that VM. This sheep was a real slob.

 Those rubber gloves The Mister gave me for our anniversary are wonderful. How dumb was I not to think of using them sooner?

Now I have blue locks drying all over the house once again. Good times.


  1. Beautiful colours. I hope you get enough good locks to finish the project.

  2. You are one of my only knitblog pals who does EVERYTHING but rear the sheep for a project

  3. The featherweight is a lovely pattern and yours is a lovely colour. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

    I'm sharing your frustration on the VM front, a tedious task.

  4. Beautiful locks despite the dirty tips! I'd rather dirty tips than poo any day!

  5. I love that blue, they were dirty tips - lovely how they've come out in the wash.

  6. beautiful
    blue and just such a dirty mess to start with.

  7. Lovely denim blue colour. What dyes did you use for it?

    1. Jacquard's Gun Metal in a very diluted solution.

  8. Always so inspiring to see raw fleece through to finished garment. I'm looking out for the finished item!