Sunday, September 8, 2013


 I've got all seven of my dish clothes finished. I had a daily routine of knitting the increase half one day and the decrease half the next so it was a pretty painless project.

There was only one mishap along the way. I forgot to put the little loopy on the purple one because I was yakking on the phone with a friend and forgot about it. I could add it as an after thought but that doesn't make any sense. There would be too much weaving in with the heavy cotton to make it look decent so I am leaving it be. The loops are pretty much only decorative so once I start throwing them in the sink it won't matter a bit. Now about that throwing them in the sink....I have yet to work up the nerve to take my pretty pile out to the sewing room and into the kitchen. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe.


  1. LoL....I know what you mean....I always hate how they go from so new and pretty to faded and worn once they start being put to use. Of course I love mindlessly knitting them so there's always a new one in the works anyway. I just got a new ball of peaches & cream in a cool colorway called psychedelic that I can't wait to cast on. :-)

    1. Psychedelic is the one in the middle!

  2. I love all the colours and would find it hard to put them to use too.

  3. What a great range of colours - that would make doing the dishes a little more fun!

  4. love them all and never put a loop on any of mine.