Friday, September 6, 2013

Ill Gotten Gains

 We didn't get any edible tomatoes out of the garden this year so when I saw this beauty hanging through the fence in Daddio's yard, I decided to steal it. The neighbor, whose vine had decided to take a detour in our direction, would surely not miss it.

 I had big plans for it. I was going to fry it. I had everything ready to go. The oil was heating in the pan when...

 ...I sliced into it and found it was rotten inside. Yuck. Talk about karma-but it gets even worse.

 As disappointed as I was with my dinner now in the trash, I made myself slightly happier by digging some things to fry out of the freezer. As a rule, I am not the frying type so this was a naughty treat.

 Mmmm....people without gallbladders need to avoid things like this but I had a fierce craving for something crispy.

Karma bit me in the arse again when my beautiful faux chicken patty slipped off the spatula and onto the filthy floor. Good grief. I did, however, enjoy the french fries and yes, they made me sick. Of course.


  1. You must never stop writing your daily blog posts! They are just to darn entertaining and the highlight of my evenings. I laughed my you know what off at this one! I swear to God we lead parallel lives. Seriously..........this is so me.....only I'm usually doing these things in the middle of the night! :-D

  2. Ha ha ha. YOu made me laugh. Misery loves company;
    I dropped a slab of ribs, (with bbq sauce on them )and a raw chicken breast on the steps leading down to the bbq. (the other day)
    I saved them. I brought them in and WASHED them off.
    Put them on the grill with new sauce and we were none the wiser.
    and yes i still wash my chicken despite the new WARNINGS. :)

  3. If I could send you some of my tomatoes without them going bad (or getting squished) before they reach you - I totally would!