Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday Soap: While the Cat's Away

 I'm still on my quest to use up all last year's fragrances so while The Mister was out and about I came up with two more re-do's this week. First was a scent that is supposed to smell like grapes, plums and musk. I don't know about that but I like it. It's of my favorites.

Then there was Flowering Herb which got an extra splash of lavender. I was all about simple stripes this week after I watched a video of someone showing how it's done. Even I couldn't mess this up.

 I had intended to make more cold processed soap while The Mister was away at a golf tournament yesterday but I was too zonked from the funeral. I opted to melt and pour some glycerin soap instead.

 Man I hate cutting this stuff. I can't get it straight to save my life even with a $40 soap cutter.

 Crooked or not, they're not too bad. These are two new soap bases sold by WSP, my go-to online soap source.  The orange is Americana Citrus and the green is Australian Tea Tree. Both are lovely. I added some kaolin clay and activated charcoal to the white bases which are coconut milk for the orange and goat's milk for the green.

As pretty as they are as whole bars, no one needs that big a hunk of soap for their face. It will go all peculiar before you have a chance to use it up so I cut them in half.

The really big chore is wrapping it all in plastic. In the summer, glycerin will attract moisture from the air resulting in dew drops on the surface. It's not a bad thing, in fact it's a good thing but it doesn't make for a very pretty package. Speaking of packages, now they all still have to be slipped into bags and labeled-but that's a job for another day.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Something Done

 Ouch. I hate this part.

 Cutting weaving off a loom is like steeking. Scary. You just know it's all going to fall apart.

 But it doesn't.

 After they are zigzagged I feel better about it.

 Now for the trimming and hemming. I have two big towels and a half.

 I love those clips. They are so much better than pins for woven material.

 Before I even had the hemming finished I had the latest warp on the loom. I did it all by myself this time. The Mister was cleaning out the gutters. We have had storm after storm and he is a fanatic about clean gutters.

 After a wash and dry, it's mug shot time.

Now I can't wait to see what my scrap bag Bumbarete looks like because these rock.

Friday, June 24, 2016

The Big Chill

 That's a quote from my senior yearbook circa 1971. Today, in a little church in Davidsonville, me and the group of ladies I lunch with are gathering to say goodbye to one of us.

She and I went waaaay back. We went to highschool together. She was just a few pages away from me in the yearbook but world's away from me in popularity. She was one of the cool kids. I was not.

That's me trying hard not to look as silly as I felt. Yes, I had Morticia Adams streaked hair. Didn't everyone?

My friend and I didn't just share the same high school, we taught together for 20 plus years at the same school. One year we even taught first grade together.

When I got the call that our friend was gone I had to dig out the yearbook and take a slow stroll down memory lane. It shakes you up when you lose a contemporary. How can someone so alive just a few weeks ago when we met for our last lunch be gone so quickly? She had been ill, we could see that but she chose not to share and we respected that.

The yearbook had little to offer for answers to the age old dilemma of what's it all about.

 1971 was a confusing time to be alive. There was the war. It hung over our heads and weighed heavy on our hearts. We all knew someone who went and didn't come back.

 We were boomer babies who felt the need to rock the boat only we weren't sure what boat we were supposed to be on.

We faced the world we wanted to change without fear as long as we had a cigarette in our hand and a stash hidden where our parents couldn't find it-and I don't mean the kind of stash you're thinking of.

The world was changing but not fast enough for the trail blazers. You have to admire this girl's guts. Nothing was easy back then. There were barriers to be broken everywhere you looked. We had to have a sit-in just to be able to wear pants to school.

Dig those groovy go go boots. I had a pair.

This was one of my best friends but when we went out I had to pick him up and drop him off far from the eyes of anyone who would notice a white girl and a black boy together.  We were just friends who shared a love of art but Daddio would have tanned my hide if he knew. It just wasn't done.

My first kiss. I was a very late bloomer.  He says he wants to join the Hell's Angels in his yearbook quote. I see on Facebook he's retired from Amtrack. Tee hee... I got in my first (and last) fight ever at school defending him from a guy that took exception to his long hair. They sent me home for the day. 

My last big highschool crush. He didn't know I was alive. I tore the pocket off his blazer and slept with it under my pillow. I probably still have it around here somewhere.

My one and only claim to highschool fame was that my Grandmother is also in the yearbook. Who else can say that? She was the Attendance Secretary. You know I couldn't get away with anything. I was in trouble all the time. Having Grandma right down the hall all day was no fun.

Our lunches certainly won't ever be the same again. I was making tons of soap for the one scheduled in July. She loved my soap. I had made some just for her. No, nothing will ever be the same. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Up All Night

 I've been glued to C-Span all night.

The Democrat's sit in made for fabulous TV.

 That's Maryland's guy. You rock, Steny.

The Dem's message: Enough is enough.

Sandy Hook

Navy Yard

Va Tech


 San Bernardino


DC Sniper


So many smiling faces. #nobillnobreak

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


 Bond, James Bond. Not. This is a freshly spun skein of Bond fleece and I think it's as cool and suave as the famous spy.

 Look at that. I spun this on autopilot so it became so magnificent all on its own.

 This is pre-thwack. I always document before I soak so I can see the change when it blossoms.

It was a nice long soak because I forgot about it.

 It's a pretty big skein.

It bloomed a bit but it's still a pretty thin yarn. I've got a Kate Davies Hap shawl in mind for it.

I've still got this much more to ply so I'll have plenty to play with when the time comes.

Now that it's dried, it's a fluffy 3 plus ounces of goodness. I gave it the neck test and it passed with flying colors and if I can hold wool to my neck for more than 30 seconds on a hot day with this awful sunburn, you know I've got a keeper.