Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fool

Hello, April. You got here sooner than expected. March certainly flew by.

 My March bunny got this far. There's not much to go. I'm not sure how that happened because I don't recall spending much time with her.

The whole thing looks like this now. If I keep this pace up, this will be a two year project which is very impressive for me. I have some that I've been working on for decades. Seriously.

My baby sampler is also slowly moving along. One more sit down and the C will be history. Then it is just the caboose and the engine so I'm taking my time. This is a fun project because it is very linear. I do not enjoy the filling in of lots of colors because that involves lots of complicated counting which I am not very fond of. You'd think it being called counted cross stitch, I would have steered clear but noooo...

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Out Like a Lamb

When I was cleaning up the fiber stash last week I found these orphan nests of roving. They are leftovers from some long ago sock making.

Daddio had helped me dye the fleece and card it out on my deck. That seems like ages ago from where we are now. Sigh.

Since I had an empty wheel I decided to spin them willy-nilly which is always my favorite way.

It's fun watching the colors change. I am going to chain ply it and then put it away until next winter to be made into something warm and woolly.

The Ladybug is still working its way through the Loop Bullseye Bump. That was one big hunk of fiber. I've been spinning it forever. I am happy to say I am getting ready to head into the last of the terribly loooong color changes and I can't say I'm even a tiny bit sorry. I'm so ready to move on.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Even More Soap

 The Mister came home last Thursday after a hard day wrangling his 95 year old mother to find the kitchen in total disarray. I had received another shipment of soap goodies and had crawled out of my sickbed to give it a go.

 Since I am always broke, I've been trolling the internet for places with low shipping costs and/or coupons.

These new goodies came from Wholesale Supplies Plus.

 They have lots of sampler bags which is perfect for my small scale experiments.

I found this cosmetic grade glitter at Micheal's.

I did some layering, swirling and embedding with the pink mica and some pink grapefruit essential oil.

 It looked and smelled good enough to eat.

 I was nervous about cutting the bars but I took my time and it wasn't too terrible this time around.

 They are happy little bars, aren't they? The sparkle is so pretty.

I could make soap all day. This is just too much fun. I'd need a warehouse of soap base, though. It goes quick.

I also made another sample bar of coffee soap adjusting the essential oil for a stronger scent and playing with some coffee and cream type swirls. All this soap is making me hungry. I wish I had a brownie.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Half Time

 The Seychelles shawl that I need done by the first of May is sailing along even though I have lost all my mojo for it.

I was cranking out one of these diamond edging sections a day but in order to keep my sanity, I'm only doing half a diamond a day now. Slow but steady wins the race.

I have no idea why I grew so bored with this project. It looks great, it's a terribly simple knit and it really flies off the needles. It could be the big cool down we have been experiencing. It's hard to get excited with something that is light and lacy when you're freezing to death.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

More Soap

 A few days ago, before I got sidelined with this nasty bug, The Mister had gone off to hit some golf balls leaving me alone to have some quiet time in the kitchen with my soap toys. I tried to replicate some of the tricks I saw on You Tube but melt and pour doesn't react to poking and prodding like cold process. My attempts at swirling were not so good.

 It all cooled quickly on the chilly deck. I didn't have long to wait to see how things turned out.

 My second heart turned out as good as the first. That's one amazing mold.

 I used some scraps to make bars that turned out looking like something you'd want to eat. I wish I'd had some apple cinnamon fragrance because this looks like apple pie to me. Now I want some.

My latest loaf creation combined activated charcoal and olive leaf powder for some so-so swirls. I sprinkled in a dash of poppy seeds for some serious exfoliation. The scent was a blend of chamomile, cedarwood, sage, lavender and geranium essential oils bottled together from Eden's Garden. It smells good but it smells like a guy's soap. Of course I botched the cutting again. I really need to get a box type cutter. I stink at straight cuts.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Dumpy Debbie to the Rescue

I was trying to figure out the fit of this thing by laying it out flat when it dawned on me that I had a better option down in in the sewing room.

 The issue is the shoulders and arm holes. They looked a little small but Dumpy says they should be fine.

I've put a lot of work into this thing. I certainly hope it ends up looking better on me than it does on her.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Under the Weather

 I've got "it". When I was teaching I always started out spring break with what I called the Vague Virus. I'm sick but not too sick. Everything just feels off. I don't want to eat. My tummy feels yucky and so does my head. All I want to do is to sleep and lay on the couch.

 That's not a terrible way to spend the day and since I don't have to use up my sick leave to do it, I don't feel a bit guilty. I'm spending the day listening to audiobooks and making great gains on the Galliano vest.

The only thing that tempts me when I feel like this is either yogurt-which I NEVER eat when I am well as it makes me sick-or something with some octane.

Then there is matzo ball soup. It will certainly cure what ails you. Doctor's orders.