Saturday, November 18, 2017

Bless This Mess

 I really should have been cleaning up this disaster of a house I came home to but it was too nice a day.

 Pup wanted to try out her new coat so off we went to the water.

 The Mister and I grabbed a coffee and sat on a bench staring at the water all afternoon enjoying the chilly breeze and warm sun. The mess can wait.

I did however accomplish one goal-washing my winter outerwear. When I went to grab my jacket it was covered in dust from hanging on the corner coat rack all summer. Nothing will ruin a good time worse than a noseful of dust. Ah choo...

Friday, November 17, 2017

Home Sweet Home Goods

 I don't live anywhere near a Home Goods I am sad to say so I haven't been in one in ages. After leaving the Grands today I stopped in one on the long way home.

 I have a friend in France who sends me the most wonderful things for Christmas every year so I always have to find him something equally wonderful. It's not easy.

 I've got to get it mailed off early because it takes forever to get there. One year his Christmas package didn't show up until Easter.

 I was tempted by this knit lovers cup but it would never get that far in one piece I'm afraid. I'm kicking myself now for not buying it for myself. What was I thinking?

I also had some doggies to buy for. I was amazed at how big Home Goods pet section is now. Strangely enough, I encountered not one but two separate ladies with little Malteses in pooch carrying bags in the store. Odd-or something that is happening now?  I don't get out much.

I came home with a bag of surprises and a bag from Yankee Candle. Their new Balsam and Clove scent is heavenly. Come the first of December it is going to be my go to holiday fragrance. Maybe it was the cold snap or maybe it was being with the Grands, I don't know which but I am feeling more holly jolly than Grinchy this year. I hope it lasts.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Little Feet

 I've been back sitting at the Grands for the past few days. This time I came armed with yarn. Both are getting hats and socks. It seems they both love to see me knit. Yay for that. It makes the day go faster.

What is it about yarn these days. Look at that. I've got not one but two knots in this one hat. It's Bernat Stripes btw. Boo. I hate joins in kids stuff. It needs to take a beating and my joins are not the best.

 The Kroy socks on the other hand are behaving. I've got this one done now and the second cast on. Kiddie socks fly off the needles.

I also came armed with fruit bites and art supplies.

They have an AC Moore right down the street that had plenty of cool projects to keep us busy.

What I am going to miss most is the martini hour. Son is practicing recipes for his upcoming holiday parties and we've had many a lively night sampling the fare. Good times.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

On the Border

 I was enjoying myself immensely all the while I was chain piecing and using my new little doohickey to cut the pieces apart.

 Of course disaster struck. Doesn't it always when you are feeling sure of yourself. Look at those stitches. Somehow the machine had come all unthreaded while I has merrily sewing away. Since I was stitching like a well oiled machine, I had a lot of seams to pick out and redo. Jeesh.

All's well that ends well. The borders are done. Now I have to sandwich them and quilt them. They are going to be the first things done in free motion on the Juki. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

My Apologies

 I'm sorry. I know some of you hate to see Christmas stuff this early but if you make soap for gifts you are busy making holiday stuff weeks before.

 Everyone loves my gingerbread men but this year they are giving me fits. I even broke the mold trying to pry the blankety blank little fellas out. Now I have to wait until the replacement mold shows up to get the job done. It had been too warm and humid and that doesn't work with this type of soap.

 Then there are cards to make for the end of the month holiday giveaway. I wanted to use this adorable Penny Black stamp that I bought last year but I had a terrible time trying to figure out how to make it work.

 I was up until 4am one night trying to put together a combination that I liked.

 Okay... this works for me but I was out of background paper and a trip to both Michael's and AC Moore proved futile.

 What I had to do was make my own snowy backdrop using distress ink and a spray bottle. It wasn't as awful as I thought it would be but it does add a lot of time to the project while you wait for it to dry.

I also couldn't find much of anything in the way of any new holiday cardstock. I like these little 6x6 inch books of it but no one seemed to have any of it either. I was either too early or too late.

In spite of everything, using what I had leftover from last year, I came up with a bunch of cuties. This just might turn out to be fun after all.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Bathroom Update

 This is as far as we have gotten as of last week.

 I had a tile crisis that resulted in us taking all the tile I had picked out back to the store and getting a larger size. It's the same plain white tile, it's just  6 x 6 inch tile instead of 4 X 4 inch tile.

After we bought the 6 inch edging-the only size they make, I thought it might be too difficult for us to get it to look right when the sizes were different. Professionals do it all the time and it looks great but we have no idea what we are doing so I thought it might be better to simplify the process. The Mister agreed.

This is my puzzle table in the corner of the downstairs living area. Not only do I still have a toilet in the middle of the living room, the mess is creeping up on us in practically every nook and cranny. Oh, well. It'll be worth it one day. I hope.

Sunday, November 12, 2017


Mom's been gone 15 years ago today. She was 66 when she died from a very aggressive and rare form of leukemia. I'll be 64 in December and that ticking clock never sounds louder than when I think of her and all that she has missed.

 It's been so long now I hardly remember the sound of her voice. The only real memory I have now is the feeling of her hugging me. On one of her last days in the hospital I held her up and we swayed back and forth for a few brief moments while she whispered in my ear for me to take care of Daddio. If she only knew what that promise would mean. These past fifteen years have been such a long, difficult journey. Being a parent to your aging parents is the hardest job on earth.

Hey Mom, this is as old as you ever got. You're my age here. Daddio is growing very old but you never will. He's a real mess but for the first time in ages he has said your name and asked for you. It breaks my heart. It's getting harder and harder for any of this to make sense to me. Maybe one day you'll explain it to me.
Miss you.