Thursday, September 21, 2017

A Small Victory

 See that folder? This morning it was chock full of paperwork that I have been collecting and carefully protecting for years. Years. It's all gone now. It's in the hands of the state of Maryland in hopes that Medicaid will pick up the bill for Daddio since he is broke. B.R.O.K.E. $10,000 a month for three years cleaned out his assets mighty quick.

I had nightmares last night about today's meeting. I live in horror he will be turned down and his care will once again fall to me. I wish I could show you his face in this photo. It's gruesome. He took a nasty tumble and now he looks like a prize fighter with two black eyes and a huge gash across his nose. When he was in my care this type of accident happened almost daily. I was on a first name basis with the local fire department. He doesn't have the instincts to put his hands out to protect himself anymore so all falls are catastrophic. Having access to immediate medical care in the nursing home is such a blessing-not to mention the big strong hands that hoist him up. I always had to wait for that ambulance crew since I can't lift 180 pounds of dead weight.

 While he was "reading" a catalogue I brought him I knit with a huge sense of relief. Although the financial paperwork still has to be approved, the worst part, the medical documentation is complete. The doctor's recommended strongly he stay in long term care because of the level of dementia he is now suffering-and I mean suffering. I know he's in there but he can't get out. I see it in his eyes sometimes and it breaks my heart.

 Shame on me. I celebrated my first and hopefully not my last victory lap with a rare dinner of junk food. I've never been the type to eat my stress away but I know I have gained 20 pounds from mindless eating in the past year as I worry my way through this incredibly difficult application process. Being at the mercy of strangers and asking for handouts is not my style. The toll that it has taken has been profound.

Usually I come home from my weekly visit, fix a drink and climb into bed with a migraine but this week, buoyed by some positive vibes (or the caffeine from the Coke) I worked on soapy things for the upcoming giveaway. One huge weight over. One to go. I just hope on the other side of this Medicaid still exists. It's something you don't think you need until you do and then you really do. Protecting our vulnerable elderly should be a priority. That circle of life catches up to us all in the end.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Deep Pockets

 Right before I went doggy sitting I spent a happy Saturday at the sewing machine. I have no idea how those stars aligned but they did and I have something to show for it.

 Ta newest apron. It's a new pattern I downloaded from Connecting Threads. It was a brilliantly simple pattern that lines itself and then folds up to give you giant pockets. I am all about the pockets. By the end of the day they are full of junk. I can't be without my aprons.

I also cut up and sashed one of the panels I bought for practice with the leftover apron material in high hopes of doing some free motion quilting on the new Juki.

 That other big box of sewing things showed up mercifully while The Mister was at the store. I just can't explain getting one more thing.

In my defense, Connecting Threads was having a batting sale and I love this fusible stuff for machine quilting. I bought four crib sized batts because for the rest of my life I am only going to make little ones. I am so over wrestling big heaps of material.

And of course there was material. I found this on clearance and thought it would make a very nice deep pocketed apron for the fall holidays. With this last box I am hoping the poor mail guy will get a break...uh, oh. I just remembered there is more soap stuff on the way. Christmas soap needs to be made the first of October. I also haven't forgotten about the Fall Soap Giveaway. I am wrapping and labeling all week so I can offer it up.....Sunday!!! Stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Paper Piecing Explained

 Every time I post about my piecing adventures I get lots of questions so when I was ready to add the border I took lots of photos. I was going to post this last week but I forgot to download the photos before I left town.  So here goes...step one is to give all the pieces a good pressing.

 You need to make sure they keep their shape when you pull out the papers. Daddio was a master at this. Me, not so much.

The paper is a stiff cardstock. After pressing, you just wiggle a finger under a seam and give the paper a yank. It comes out very easily.


 It only takes a few minute to yank it all out. I use a gluestick to hold the paper in while I baste them but the glue offers up no resistance whatsoever.

The pieces get another pressing and then you just pin them down and applique or add them to each other to make a quilt entirely of the little buggers. That takes a lot more patience than I have these days.

Having said that I just remembered that I still have this kit waiting in the sewing room along with a giant box of material. Golly. What was I thinking?

Monday, September 18, 2017

Oh, Dear......

 The Mister kept calling me during my doggie sitting stint asking me if I was okay. Everyday the mailbox was filled to the brim with stuff.

 There were a lot of boxes waiting for me but in my defense a lot of them were ordered before I left.

 Like the Halloween stamp sets. I pre-ordered these a month ago.

 This package was from the staycation.

 I watched a ton of sketching Youtubes and decided to buy every tool that I saw someone using as if this would impart to me some of their talent. Not.

 I needed to find a good source for cardstock so I saved that online shopping chore for my little vacation. It was harder than I thought. I was looking for something that looked like watercolor for backgrounds. I use a lot of it. You can make your own but I am pretty terrible at it and make such a mess.

 Ummmm...the Midnight Quilt Show made me do it.

 Woot, woot!!! My Witches Brew is here! I got four years worth.

 Speaking of smelly things, new soap supplies showed up. My sample this month is Goat Milk and Honey. It smells like cake to me.

 I got a new mini mold for lotion bars and foot fizzies. The little ones are my favorites to use. The bee mold should work well with the new honey fragrance. I also got tubs and tubs of glycerin slabs for making face soap. I went crazy. I think there are 8 different kinds there-everything from aloe to hemp. I love hemp. It's always out of stock so I am happy to have it.

Ooooh, yarn from Valerie is here. Her sale was a monster one. I couldn't resist more of the stripes. This is going to make me very happy as soon as the fall KAL is over.

Last but not least I got new belts for my mini vacuum. Not fun or glamorous but very necessary. I am going to hate to tell The Mister that the package deluge is not quite over. I think there is a large order of quilt batts still on the way.  There may or may not also be material involved.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Staycation Tally

 The week did fly by. In all this quiet I managed to keep myself quite busy. I've got one KAL sock finished. I was playing yarn chicken at the end and I am happy to report that I won with a bit to spare.

One Halloween mitt is done and the other is started. The second one seems to be coming along more easily. I think I've made peace with the wonky corners. They'll block out, right?

 These socks are freaking me out. I seem to have gotten off pattern yarn wise but I can't see any problems with the knitting pattern. I know that makes no sense but trust me, it's freaky.

I made it to the corner on the big brown lace monster. The end is near. Thank goodness. I am going to do a happy dance the day this thing is blocked.

 The hexie border is sewn on. Now I have to figure out what comes next. Two more plain borders, I think.

I made a serious dent in this block. Most of the dresden petals are quilted. They are the worst part.

Bits and pieces were stitched on these three samplers.

Mr. Golden is probably bored to death by all my sitting and stitching. I wish I could tell him that his little people are on their way. Hang in there buddy!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Art Stash

 I'd known for a while that I was going to be sequestered with the grand doggy for seven whole days so I'd been collecting toys to keep me busy.

 I've been watching YouTube videos on lettering and art journaling and picking up supplies here and there.

 Amazon has been dropping off things almost everyday. Little boxes with things you just can't find anywhere else.

I've also been using lots of Michael's coupons.

 My big splurge is this new pricey watercolor set.

 It was so cute I didn't want to open it.

I did. Now I need to work up the courage to use it.  My collection of art supplies is getting to be as bad a my yarn stash-more fun to have than actually use.

Friday, September 15, 2017

If I Fits

 I sits. Mr. Golden is helping me with the quilting project I brought along. He must have some kitty in him. He always wants to sit on everything I am doing.

I was trying to show off the fourth block I have just finished quilting. Two more to go....

Porch quilting and Boone's Farm in the afternoon. Good times. This crafting staycation is turning out to be pretty okay...