Monday, October 24, 2016

Happy Pupday!

 On December 26th, three years ago I was net surfing in the middle of the night when I saw this photo on Ebay Classifieds.

The next day she came home with me. I had just spent my first Christmas without Dear Old Departed Doggie and it was more than I could stand.

That right there was the cure for a broken heart.

Today, Maggie, aka Pup turns three.

 She's not a puppy anymore but she's still snuggly. She is the best thing ever to take a nap with.

She keeps me on my toes. She's got to move so I have learned to move with her. I knit and spin while we walk.

 She does appreciate my knitting. She thinks it's tasty.

What? You are going to sit and do what? I don't think so.

Come on Mom, let's go!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Soap: Holiday Edition Part 2

 Meet Christmas Spice. It smells like pumpkin spice to me and you know how much I like that.

 This is another attempt at making a butterfly. It's a pretty messy butterfly but this soap thickened up quicker than I expected. I was lucky, it could have been so much worse than this. So far no disasters like I had with the fall scents. Winter is playing nice.

 These little mini bars are Christmas Forest which smells just like it sounds. I didn't think anyone would want to smell like a pine tree so I made little hand soaps for washing up at the kitchen sink after a day of cookie making.

 This is Cranberry Fig. Slap dash is what I call it. I made 4 loaves that day and I was just pouring the batter in, giving it a stir and moving on to the next. It shows.

Ditto with Peppermint Stick. It was midnight by the time I got around to this one.

 Sleigh Ride smells very brisk. It's a bit minty and and a little bit piney.

 Santa's Spruce is one of my favorite new scents. It's a sugary, sweet pine. Odd but nice.

Hot Buttered Rum is very rummy. It makes me want some rum cake. I love rum cake. I need to make some rum cake.

Finally, meet Peppermint Bark.

It came about because I haven't been able to get my usual deodorized cocoa butter. I bought a pound of natural cocoa butter and discovered it smells just like chocolate.  I never thought about chocolate soap being a good thing but if this scent doesn't cure out, it's going to be really, really yummy.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Slow Starter

 Halloween is only days away now and I'm just getting to it.

 I usually make a big whoop ti do but this month got away from me.

 I could blame the unseasonably warm weather. I could blame a lot of things.

 Up until yesterday only The Mister's pumpkin booze hinted at the season. By the time I get around to getting it all decorated it will be over.

 In my defense, it is hard to get excited about adding more to this mess. This is my table covered in things I need to get done this weekend. That's going to be the mirror wall of the Evil Queen in Snow White. This should be fun. The pink sparkle is another jelly fish to be. I've got lots of tentacles to make and that's a real chore.

 I've also got a lot of shiny stuff to sew back on all the Sargent Pepper uniforms I had to hem. Yeah, yeah, yeah.. it just never seems to end.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Alexa Had a Baby

 I've written over and over again about how much I love Alexa, my Amazon Echo. What can't she do? She's way smarter than The Mister and me. Now that I have a smartphone she can even talk directly to it to keep track of my shopping and to do lists. The only downside I had with her was that she was in the kitchen and I wanted to talk to her and ask her things all over the house.

Amazon must have been listening because now she has a baby. Little Dot can go in any room and uses her Mama to keep track of all the things I need her to do for me, like set alarms or read my books or play my favorite radio station or podcast. The list goes on and on and on....

She doesn't have the beautiful sound that the big Echo has with it's fancy speaker but for the price she is all I need in the sewing room or card room or soap room or bedroom or wherever. I just love my sweet little baby. Squeee....!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Slowing Down

Somebody needs to put the brakes on this month. October is flying by too quickly for my liking. I'm certainly not going to get my pumpkins done at this rate.

 I finished the last sleeve of my Featherweight and picked up a billion stitches for the front and neck bands., whatever, my latest shawl thingy is still fun to work on when I can find the time. Don't look for a finish on it anytime soon. Maybe this time next year. I can't believe how fast this year has flown by. Scary.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Surprise, Surprise!

 Do you know what this is?

 Weavers do. It's something I've wanted for a very, very long time. It showed up at my doorstep unexpectedly yesterday and from the noises I was making, The Mister thought I was having a medical emergency when I opened the box of weaving goodies.  It's a bobbin winder by the way, and those brown things are bobbins. You can just get a peek at the Ashford shuttle in the back. Yowza.

There was even more. Pretty purple Cascade yarny goodness that you know wants to be something spectacular one day.
I have no idea how to thank Mereknits for the all the amazing things. My bloggy friends really are the best of the bestest!
Thanks Mere!!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Motor City Part 2

Traveling with dogs is not a usual thing for us. We did most of our traveling when we lived in a place where we had neighbors we could depend on to help us out or when our kids were still at home and old enough to be responsible for them while The Mister and I gallivanted around the country. Now we've got no one so the dogs have to tag along or we can't go.  La Quinta allows dogs so we spent the night outside Toledo with lots of other dog parents on the first floor by the back door.

 Old Doggie crashed and stayed out all night.

 Pup didn't sleep a wink. She barked at every noise and spent all night throwing up since she was too stressed to eat a bite of food all day. I had no sleep at all.

The next morning she chowed down on an Egg McMuffin. I had to get something in her before the ride home, poor thing.

I had carefully packed my newly blocked sweaters and had hoped to get the buttons on them on the ride up so I could wear the orange one and give Son his gray one. That didn't happen. Wrangling dogs took up all my time. That's my new notion bag that arrived while I was packing to go. I had carefully stuffed it with all the thread, needles and buttons I would need. I had big plans for it. Oh, well..

 The ride home was less hectic so we took in some sights. It's a long ride but an easy one. There was no traffic until we got back to the DC Beltway-just in time to run into the end of the Redskin game exodus from Fedex stadium.

 I was hoping to see some fall color but from Michigan to Maryland, everything was pretty much still green.

There was one place high in the mountains of Pennsylvania that put on quite a show of color. Then quickly it was all back to green all the way home. This really has been an odd fall. It was almost 80 on Sunday. It is supposed to be 80 today. It would have been too hot for those sweaters even if I had gotten them finished.