Monday, October 23, 2017

Bathroom Update

 The only thing going on in the bathroom is all the tedious work that has to be done before you can put up the cement backer boards.

 We decided to take down all the drywall to the ceiling and replace it rather than try to work around the pieces that were left after the ugly tub surround came out.

Of course the old studs were uneven so we are having to add some new ones here and there to straighten the wall out.

It's slow going but we've got some serious tiling to do so getting it even is pretty important. I didn't pick out anything fancy this time. I stuck to the classics. I learned my lesson with those bright blue tiles. I want to make sure this is the last time I have to do this because I am running out of reasons to think this is fun.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Farewell Cormo

One of the first fleeces I ever washed was an expensive Cormo that I picked at the MDSW. I was a complete newbie at the time and had no idea that I was getting in way over my head.  Greasy Cormo is hard to wash and I had 9 whole pounds of it.

That was way back in 2010 and I have finally spun the last of it. I've been spinning it in one way or another for 7 years.

 These are the last of the pretty singles spun from all the pretty locks I dyed with egg dye.

It was an Easter tradition for many years. 9 pounds is a lot of locks.

I had to hand card the locks as I spun because you can't put fragile Cormo locks in a drum carder.

Now I have a bunch of skeins that look just like this in the handspun bin. Not as many as you would think though. I'll have to go figure out what happened to the rest of the 9 pounds. I must have done something with it.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Back In Business

 My soap supplies showed up in record time.

 I was out of all the butters that I use and soap without butters is doable but just....wrong.

 Along with the butters I made sure to stock up on the oils. Nothing is worse than being in the mood to make soap and not have what you need.

That goes for color too.

 I also needed wrapping. I have 63 mini bars of soap already made and plans for at least 45 more. It goes quick around the holidays.

I get a soap fragrance sample with every shipment and this time it is White Tea. It smells nothing like tea but it does smell GOOD.

I was tired of making one loaf at at time so I ordered two more of these cute little molds from China.  Now I have three.

Without this shipment of lye, no soap would be possible. I found this brand on sale last week and stocked up on it. I should be good to go now. Let the soaping begin-again!

Friday, October 20, 2017

The Good Stuff

The other day Kathy B wanted to know if there was some new product or gizmo that was rocking your world. At the time I had nothing. But a big box from Amazon changed that yesterday. For my craft table I bought this little battery operated camping lantern that is making a world of difference with my stitching. I am in love.

I also bought a stand up stitching frame which is also my new BFF.

I was getting a cramp in my side from bending over the Q Snaps but no more. This thing holds them at just the right height and angle. I could have stitched all night.

 An added bonus of goodness was this surprise package all the way from California. Chocolate, cookies and a critter. What could be better!

Thanks so much Mary. I am in awe of your skill with a hook! Squeeee.....

Thursday, October 19, 2017

KAL Update

 The Spiral Socks are done and I am so glad to be rid of them.

 Continuing the pattern down the foot was a real headache and I am more surprised than anyone to see that it all worked out. I don't know how it did because I had to abandon the pattern and make it up as I went along.

 The skull mitts are also done but......

 I made a boo boo on the last gusset. For some reason I can't explain I thought I should increase to 28 stitches on the second one when there was only supposed to be 22. As a result one thumb is much bigger than the other but for now I am fine with it. It doesn't look terrible on but if it drives me nuts I'll rip it out NEXT Halloween. I don't have it in me to do it now. I would have to rip all the way back to the middle of the last skull and I HATE ripping back stranded colorwork. Ugh.

The last Falling Leaves sock is this big. The first sock went pretty fast but this one is just poking along. Now that the other KAL projects are done this one should move faster-at least I hope so. I've got a sweater I want to get back to.

Finally, look what Daughter sent me. Cute, huh? And look at the hem. It's longer in the back to cover up my fluffy parts. She found it at Joann's of all places. I love it.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Winter Soap Preview

 I've been on a mission to get all my winter soap made this week. Here is the redo of Santa's Spruce.

 This is the redo of Peppermint Stick. I am using a different mold, a smaller one that makes cute little bars.

 I get nine bars from each loaf so there will be plenty to go around in 6 weeks. This is Fresh Snow that looks a little like not so fresh snow. My baby blue turned greenish. Boo...I think I will call it Thundersnow instead.

 Sleigh Ride is nicely swirled. It smells good too.

Cinnamon Stick smells good enough to eat.

Finally, this is Frankincense and Myrrh, the last of the line for the moment. I still have plenty of winter scents left to make but I am out of both Cocoa and Shea Butter so until it shows up in the mail the soap factory is closed. Darn. I was really on a roll.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Starting Over

Last month I threw this clearance material into my Connecting Threads cart with the intention of making an apron.

This apron to be exact.

 The worst part of this pattern is cutting the large pieces you need for the body and the liner. Numbers are not my friends.

 See what I mean? Those two pieces are supposed to be the same size. Grrrr......

 I even know what I did. I measured one of them from the wrong side of the cutting board. I do this all the time. You would think I would check but nooooo......

 Thank goodness there was more of this material still on clearance. I ordered another yard of the stripe that I ruined. While I am waiting for it to show up I'll just work on the straps. Sounds like a plan.