Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Catching Up With Elizabeth Part 2

 After an overnight soak, Elizabeth was ready for her bath. Unlike Melodye, who I think is so brave for using her washer, I still use the kitchen sink-at least for rinsing.

I am doing the actual washing these days in a cooler. It keeps the water hot longer. I just fill it up with water from the tap and stove and then bail it out in the sink when I am done.

 Elizabeth is snowy white but part of her got a dye job. I wanted some black in order to do some future colorwork.

 While I was waiting for the fleece to soak in her bath, I also washed and dyed a few more Merino locks for the Featherweight Cardi that's in need of another skein or two. The white dried quickly in the dry air. I need to go dust off the carder.

When dry, the black looked blue. I simmered it slowly in the crock pot until the dye exhausted but I ended up with lots of interesting colors instead of a solid jet black. Not expected, but lovely. I am sure once spun I will like it.


  1. Its nearly time for our local friendly border leicester cross farmer to shear. I am so looking forward to getting my hands on one of those fleeces. Cant wait to wash, dye and prepare it for some summer spinning.

  2. Not so brave, overwhelmed! I received 5 fleeces at one fell swoop. I was nervous and DH worried the first time. If I did it by hand I'd never get it all washed.

  3. I love the colour you've produced and I'm sure it will look great - even if not what you're expecting!