Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Too Close to Home

 I am ashamed to say that as a rule, I don't pay too much attention to all these acts of senseless violence anymore. There are just too many of them to make myself sick over. It's sad to say but they have become a fact of life.

 Yesterday morning however, the phone rang and it was an hysterical Daughter telling me to turn on the news.

 Number One Son, new daddy to the Grandbaby, works in the Navy Yard. He is a big guy now but this is how I still think of him. Could someone really be shooting at my baby? I owe the miracle of cell phone technology to the fact that I am still alive today because I was surely going to have a heart attack if I had to wait very long to find out where he was and that he was thankfully, not among the injured or dead. Even so it was the longest hour of my life.

Here I am in happier times at the new ice rink adjacent to where the horrific event took place. It's where Daughter and I work teaching Learn to Skate during the winter. Yesterday it was a staging area. One of the 12 victims died on that sidewalk just a few steps from where I am standing in my silly bear suit after co-workers risked their lives to carry him outside. Watching it all unfold on CNN in a place so familiar to me was surreal.
I know the world changed forever on Sept 11th but what I really want to know is what it's going to take to change it back. I'm tired of all this crap-aren't you?


  1. Thank God your son is ok!!! I was on the phone this morning having a heart attack too because my youngest son is an attorney who works and lives in DC. All this violence is just horrifying! And it seems to me that it's been going on even before 9/11. It's high time they get a handle on gun control and a whole lot of other things too. This country's going to ---- in a hand basket!

  2. Oh my goodness! That is definitely too close to home! I'm so glad he is okay!

  3. Very tired. I thought New Town would do it. I'm very glad your son is fine.

  4. It is so sad isn't it? Prayers of Thanksgiving, my favorite kind, that your son was safe. I don't know what will change this? Im hoping some kid who wore Pampers like my kids, will dream up the solution. There has to be one

  5. omg I am so so sorry this has hit so close to home for you. terrifying.
    it has to end. some how some way. yet again a man has murdered all these innocents with a weapon he should not have gotten it is now coming out he had been having lots of red flags waving and previous incidents.
    praying for all our babies. hugs to you dear sweet friend.

  6. I'm so glad your son is fine - all so horrifying. Love to you from over the Atlantic xxx