Thursday, September 12, 2013

It Was Easy Being Green

The four green strips on my mosaic afghan are done.

I am so happy I ripped out the green/orange combo and started over.

I only wish I could figure out how to do the corners better. The edges where I pick up stitches are a bit wonky in some places. I never was very good at picking up stitches-as every one of the front bands of my cardis clearly demonstrate. I have been walking around for years in a Central Park Hoodie that has one band way longer than the other. I always meant to fix it but you know how that goes.


  1. Green on green was a great choice. This looks much better

    I too have trouble picking up stitches neatly, but I'd picked up a few tricks along the way - maybe some of these will help you...
    1) use a smaller needle to pick up and knit the first row - I have a bad tendency to pull and stretch the stitches, leaving ugly gaps - this helps prevent that
    2) twist the stitches when you knit the first row - again this helps fill in the gaps and tighten things a little
    3) if it's something like a button band on a sweater - when knitting your fronts, work first the edge stitch in garter - this makes it easier to pick up the "bump" - I find it's a little tidier too.

    1. Brilliant suggestions! I am going to have to pick up about a million small stitches for the collar on the Featherweight and I need all the help I can get.

  2. I am IMPRESSED ! I love it so far.