Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bedtime Knitting

 Knitting in bed at night has become my favorite part of the day. Now that the Color Affection is a done deal, I had to find something to take its place.  I didn't have to look far. My mission from now until the end of the year is to finish as many old forgotten projects as possible and this mitten has been hanging around for a very long time. I love the pattern but hate the execution. Colorwork worked in such a small diameter is torture for me. I am terrible at it and I always end up with something lumpy, bumpy and puckered.

The first thing I did was to switch out the Magic Loop I had been using for doublepoints....

 ...and then turn the whole mess inside out. This is how I started working on this thing in the first place after reading everything I could about stranded knitting.

I've become obsessed with figuring out how to avoid these ugly ridges that I get from pulling the floats too tight where the end of the needles are-a problem I have with both Magic Loop and doublepoints. I am no closer now to figuring it out than when I started. I have never had a project kick my arse as much as this one has but I am not giving up-just yet. .


  1. this does not look like a go to sleep activity

  2. IM thrilled for you that you knit in bed at night! How fun to look forward to that all day. I love your fair isle color work. Wish I could help you out with your issues. Can you move the last stitch on each needle from time to time to stagger that spot out?