Saturday, September 28, 2013

Chilly Morning Leg Warmers

 You know a project is old when you have to dust it off before you can start working on it. I started this one in 2008.

 It was supposed to be a tubular scarf using all my leftover sock yarn.

 I have a lot of leftover sock yarn.

 A whole lot.

 The problem was that it really was an ugly scarf. I would never wear it. What I really could use were some leg warmers.


 I risked a little steeking to see if I could separate the two halves.

 Picking up the live stitches on each end of the steek was easy enough.

 I got both sides back onto needles uneventfully.

 I added an inch or so of 2x2 ribbing to one end of each half.


 ...I've got some crazy leg warmers for those mornings that socks don't do the job. Goodness that photo makes my legs look long and skinny. I assure you they are not. I am of a short and stubby build-think Hobbit, not Elf.

Before I could weave in all those ends where the colors meet, I first had to wash them. They were so dusty they were making me sneeze. Ah choo....


  1. What a great way to get something made from an old UFO. They will be wonderfully warm during winter. Sorry to read you lost your little fluffy friend too. Its always a very sad process here too as they really do become part of our families.

  2. You are genius and I never could have cut them and steeked. HOW smart you are. I LOVE them

  3. The leg warmers are brilliant but the neon green crocs are to die for!!! Gotta get me a pair of those!

  4. Brilliant :) Such fun, and a great use of an UFO.

  5. Fabulous!
    Oh I so want to do this with oddments and scraps now ... popping it on the loooong list of projects to do ;)