Wednesday, August 12, 2020

New Stuff


Some new material showed up this week. I am trying to find something that would work as the outside border for the hexie top. The jury is still out on these two but they are both better than the first material I ordered.

Of course they couldn't make that long trip all alone. This pretty tea themed material came along for the ride. It will be an apron one day.

I also treated myself to a 123 Stitch order of a pattern, material, floss and needles. Working on all the green grass was killing my will to live so I bought something new. It's simple. It should be a quick stitch. I need to be able to see some progress.

These large plastic floss bobbins came along for the ride. I'm not sure what I am going to do with them yet but I wanted them. 


  1. Those are some BIG bobbins. I use the smaller cardboard ones for my floss and have them all labeled and in plastic boxes. In storage. Somewhere. I did not get rid of my floss. I have priorities. I may have gotten rid of china and antique dishes, but not my floss. :-)
    That's some pretty fabric you bought. I like the tea themed best. I'm actually wearing my aprons here in the trailer. People look at me strange if I venture outside with one on. I guess I look pretty odd to all of the people in swimsuits on their way to the lake to swim in their golfcarts. (Crammed 8-10 in a cart with NO MASKS!) There I am wearing an apron. Strange old lady that I am.

  2. Sometimes you have to switch it up with cross stitch projects. Those big swaths of fill in can be soul crushing.

  3. Nice enhancements to your stash - lovely fabric and I'm wondering what the cross stitch pattern is....

  4. I’m not a cross stitcher. Tried my hand at that years ago and was not impressed with my needle skills there but I love the look of it. I think the fabric far left is best suited for your hexi quilt. A few years ago there was abundance of white on white or off white on off white. But last year when I was looking for some for my gypsey wife themed quilt fabric it was a desert.
    Cheryl (aka seajaes)

  5. The large bobbins would work for yarn, too. I have three boxes of floss: I really should start stitching again.

  6. I don't know where you were able to score fabric - every order I try to place gets cancelled :( It's smart to leave things that are too frustrating during this time. No need to finish a book I'm not enjoying or plod on with a project that's just not fun!

  7. Nice border fabric--and enjoy the new cross stitch work-open will move along much more quickly!

  8. Wow! Those bobbins are huge! They look big enough to use them for knitting intarsia. Can't wait to see what the new cross stitch design is.