Thursday, August 13, 2020

Pick Up Day


Yesterday we went into town to pick up our groceries. 

While we were waiting for our time slot we took Pup to the park and then for the first time since last February we went through the McDonald's drive thru. I got a small diet Coke. It was the best thing I've had in ages. 

This Mister and Pup shared some nuggets back at home so I could nuke them. The Mister also had a couple of sandwiches. Nuked fries are no good so they went into the trash. I'm still being crazy careful since we added 12 more cases in our little area just since Saturday.

Speaking of being crazy careful, I was over the moon to finally get these cleaning supplies. I use the dish soap for all kinds of yucky things I have to wash. I haven't been able to get any wipes since this thing started and we are down to our last few. It was good timing. 

What really made me happy was getting some onions. A week or so ago we had to pitch all of our onions after the CDC warned us of salmonella. If you couldn't identify your onion's place of harvest you had to toss them. Since I take all mine out of the bag they come in I had no idea where they came from so out they went. All that time without onions was no fun. I can't cook without onions. 

This has nothing to do with yesterday's pick up order but I've been meaning to show off my toilet paper collection. This is the overflow from the hall closet. I feel like Scarlett O'Hara when I say I won't be caught without any during an emergency again. As God is my witness....


  1. LOL - that's a lot of TP!! There has been no shortage here, but boy the price has gone up! I had not heard about the onion scare, but I've only been using onions from our own garden for the last month or two. Glad you got what you needed!!

  2. I had been wondering why I hadn't received onions in my orders! Sometimes I go through times when I just can't read/watch current events and, obviously, this is something I missed!
    We've been without power several times in the past week - once for over two days because of the last big storm. I gave all my freezer stuff away to my son and a dear friend who still had power so at least it wasn't wasted. I also have several battery operated lanterns and two camping fans - I can't be without some kind of fan. I agree with you that it's smart to be prepared - not to the degree that it's unhealthy but just wise!

  3. A day out did you all good especially when you got so many needed items! So you should be all set for TP for a few weeks....

  4. I had to toss my onions too and haven't gotten any more yet. I've been using dried onions and it's just not the same.
    I was able to get disinfectant wipes from Costco when I ventured in last month to get Chloe's medicine. My only trip there since this all began. We kept all of our TP in storage but we have to use RV paper in the trailer. That's been harder to find because people were buying it to use in their houses when TP was in short supply.

  5. Several people throughout Wyoming got sick from onions, and nearly all onions were pulled from grocery stores. Stay safe.

  6. We had the same onion issue. I'm going to have to start growing some!

  7. I was completely unaware of an onion issue. Hmmm As for toilet paper, we can only keep what fits in the trunk of my car. It's a long story. LOL

  8. Yikes! We need to toss our onions. And then go to the store.
    I am quite an urban girl. I can't imagine living without a variety of grocery stores nearby! I thought Annapolis felt like the edge of the Earth! We were constantly driving into DC.

  9. I do not use onions...Far Guy cannot breathe around onions...strange but true.
    You have quite a haul there! We put french fries in the air fryer to warm them up almost as good as fresh out of the fryer...we have gone to Burger King several times now since March:)

  10. There are no disinfectant wipes in this area. And really not many cleaning products. The shelves at Target and the grocery store are empty. Why? I can't believe people are cleaning that much more than they used to. Well the homes i visit they aren't that is for sure. Stay safe.