Friday, August 21, 2020

Wash Day


The Mister went to play golf yesterday and I spent the day doing laundry.

I can't do laundry very often when he's home. This is how close his craft table is to the washer and dryer. He hates the noise so anytime I get him out of the house I take advantage. I had loads and loads to do. I did all the towels, the sheets, my clothes and even the big terry cloth robe that hangs behind the bathroom door. 

I am sad to say that my socks didn't look any better after a wash. They looked so pathetic that I didn't dare put them in the dryer. These sad things are NOT going in the gift box. I'm stuck with them.

I also had to wash a project bag AND a project. I've been having some sleeping issues and ages ago I had stashed the beginning of a sock project in a bag in the closet in my bedroom just in case I needed a middle of the night knit. When I took it out to use last night I had a sneezing and coughing attack from the dust that must have been on it so it get a careful spritzing and patting dry. It won't be going back in the closet. I'm going to put it in a clean bag on the nightstand. I don't seem to be able to sleep much anymore so I might as well be knitting. 

And in some Friday Feline my Covid isolation I've pretty much lost all sense of reason and have been ordering expensive cat food off the internet on a fairly regular basis. So why was I surprised when Chicken and Quail Eggs turned out to have a ........quail egg in the can? How crazy is that? 


  1. The washer in our trailer is approximately half the size of the washer we had at the house. So I seem to spend lots of time doing laundry.
    Your socks look fine to me. Very comfortable which is the most important thing with socks.

  2. Oh my gosh! A quail egg??? No wonder that cat food is expensive - lol. That new (stored in the closet) sock is pretty.

  3. I have the same issue as you and Mister. Dave's workbench is right beside the washer and dryer, and I'm not allowed to do any laundry when he's down there tinkering. Which is almost always when I need to do laundry.

  4. Did the cats eat the quail egg?

    I don't think Giroux would. He likes egg yolk, but not so much on the white part.

  5. Friday is laundry day for me. The Comfort Sock yarn colors are perfect for a Fall.

  6. Those socks aren't very bright and lively but the match each other very well. As for sleeping, I have recently discovered 432 hertz music on Youtube. It's supposed to be soothing and used for meditation and helps you go to sleep. No matter how wide awake I am, I can't listen to it for 10 full minutes without falling asleep. Sometimes when it's way past bedtime and I'm still wide awake, I'll turn it on and start listening while I brush my teeth and I can barely make it to the bed because I get so sleepy.

  7. I can't imagine having to postpone laundry like that! My DH goes through a lot of clothes during the summer! I've never seen cat food like that! So did they like it?!

  8. Ear plugs or a fancy set of headphones! :)

  9. Hoover (and all pets) deserve to be loved and spoiled esp. when they are not feeling well.

    Petsmart has the dog food on their web site. I added the link below:

    Take care,