Sunday, August 9, 2020

In Reverse


It's official. I HATE the new Blogger. I am too tired and cranky today to put my photos in the right order one at at freaking time like I had to do yesterday. New Blogger insists on uploading them all in reverse. So be it. 
My puzzle is done. The missing piece never showed up. Oh, well. I ordered another similar one. Life goes on. 

I still can't make my text not be links. I still can't get it lined up or spaced right under the photos without a fight. Phooey. 

How about a jar of pickles in reverse?

I had a bunch of ugly cucumbers on the vines so they became more pickles. We ate the last jar in less than a week. They were good.

The pretty ones became a salad along with the last of the tomatoes and the ugly ones became pickles. My plants look terrible. Too much rain, too much heat, too much humidity. I feel bad for them. They look exhausted. 

Today is the birthday of this little snow bunny. She grew up to be the ice skating coach. Yes, I made that sweater. It was one of my first tries at colorwork. It was a zip up the back sweater and I loved it. They had some great patterns for kids back in the day. I wish I had saved them.


  1. Your pickles look great. Dennis was just mentioning yesterday that it's been years since I made refrigerator pickles. Maybe if I ever have a garden again...
    Your little snow bunny looks SO cute. Birthdays were close together at your house!
    Your baby girl sure looks awfully cute.
    Sorry about Blogger. So far I haven't heard anyone say they like it. I enjoy washing dishes, I know, I'm weird.

  2. Yum! Homemade pickles sound wonderful! My mom still knits those 'zip-up-the-back-' sweaters--an antique pattern from Mary Maxim! I found the link button on the control panel to turn off my hyperlinks text and I plan my photos and then load them last one first and on through the list so they are in the 'right' order on the page. Pain in the neck---yes! But by the time we learn the new ways, they will change them!!!!!

  3. Happy birthday to your daughter.

    I think you can still revert to the old Blogger. There is a link at the bottom left of the Design page.

    I don't know whether it will be there forever, but for now it still works.

  4. Agree with you--NO BENEFITS to the new blogger.

  5. I HATE it! All my text was in blue and underlined. I could not add text between photos and my photos are not the right size. I do like your puzzles! Happy Birthday to your wonderful daughter.

  6. I don't blog but have read comments about the "new Blogger" from bloggers who aren't very thrilled with certain aspects - One blogger whose posts kept getting underlined for some reason. I know blogging is way harder that most people think and I truly do appreciate all the effort that this social media art takes.
    Those pickles look delicious - I am a true pickle lover. My grandkids can go through a one gallon jar of pickles, well, they'd do it in a day if I let them!
    That little girl is such a beauty! Sweet then and sweet now! Happy Birthday to her!

  7. I am getting along okay with the new blogger but then I don't use as many photos as you. For awhile there it was jumping back and forth between old and new blogger...have you sent in a comment?? Your daughter is just darling and that sweater so cute! :)

  8. I despise the new blogger! Sorry you are struggling with it but glad to know I'm not the only one. Great baby sweater!