Tuesday, August 11, 2020

TNT: Slogging Along


The grass is still growing under my little house. I wish the grass outside was growing as slowly. It's still too hot and muggy to mow and the yard is a shabby mess.

I've got six blocks on the nine patch quilted. I ditched the chalk pounce and am using my heat erasable markers. It makes a big difference. 

I was spending more time trying to figure out where I was wherever I had rubbed the chalk off which was all the time. Using the markers was scary at first but I am happy to say they ironed away beautifully.


  1. That's a lot of grass you stitched! That filling in seems to take FOREVER, doesn't it? Looking good!!

  2. I see you have beautiful flowers in among the grass. You project is really coming along nicely.

  3. I like your grass. We mowed our grass for the last time on Saturday. We close on the house today. Then it will be too late for second thoughts. :-)
    I've thought about using those heat erasable pens but wasn't sure it would really go away. Thanks for assuring us that it works.

  4. Heat erasable markers? Sounds like a great tool for stitching. Your sampler is progressing nicely.

  5. The sampler is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing it complete. Good to know your experience with those pens was successful. I have yet to try those.

  6. Those big solid blocks take forever in cross stitch!
    I have one of the heat-erasable pens and I am afraid to use it. I'll have to try it because chalk is so frustrating!

  7. It might feel like a slog but it is progress.
    I like to use the fusion pens-the iron takes the like right out but otherwise, it stays put! I use it on my quilts and embroideries!