Sunday, August 23, 2020

Food For Thought


The Mister and I did something very brave on Friday night. We got take out Chinese-enough to last the weekend. I couldn't cook one more thing. I am broken. He was very happy to find that the place we go to has built a Plexiglas booth between the cashier and the patron. There is no indoor dining so it seemed like a safe bet. We'll see. 

Speaking of food, the quail egg in the cat food got a lot of questions. Yes, the cats liked the food but I gave the egg to Pup who really enjoyed it. 

It's Tiki Cat food for those who wanted to know. Honestly, this cat food looks good enough for human consumption. The sardine cutlets are very tempting.

I've been in search of a cat food Hoover would eat. I'm afraid he's fading and I want to make his last days happy ones. He's gotten very finicky. He LOVES this dog food I got for Pup but I can't seem to find it anymore.

I bought an expensive case of their kitty version but no one likes it. 

Right now he does like Sheba with a splash of Lactaid milk. I've also been cooking him chicken. He likes  me to hand feed him the broth. Poor old guy. 

I also had a question about blocking the Pimpeliesse. I spun 3.5 ounces of fiber and chain plied it for this one and it blocked out to 77 inches. I am assuming that when I block the last one that came off the needles that it will be the same since I started with the same amount of fiber but who knows? We all know how knitting can be. 


  1. We run into the same problems with cat food-you buy a bunch and no one will touch it! Really?! All of my cats were strays...I tell them to be more grateful! So far it hasn't worked. The shawl is a beauty and the size is perfect-great info, thanks.

  2. Dave finally caved and let me order chinese a few weeks ago. It was glorious. And we got enough for the whole weekend too!

  3. You could always make your own cat food...towards the end I made much of Chance's food...chicken and rice, hamburger and rice...although he liked the venison the best!
    It is good that you make Hoovers last days special...or months never know with cats:)

  4. Giroux likes Weruva brand of cat food and he does well on it. We also use Applaws, but be warned, it is not a complete food so it can't be the only food they get.

  5. Thankfully, the lovely Chinese restaurant we have loved for almost thirty years has been doing curbside delivery since lock down. We also have are lucky to have a local Lebanese restaurant which also does curbside. We've been patrons of this restaurant even longer and trust the hygiene of both completely - I do count us very blessed!

  6. Friends brought Chinese take-out last Thursday night before Dennis left and we ate distancing of course. It was our first Chinese food in months and was amazing.
    Love your new Pimpeliesse!

  7. Most of my “meals out” have been from fast food restaurants with drive thru windows. My sister and BIL go to restaurants without any problems and host gathering in their home. Personally, I think they are asking for trouble: both have severe health issues.

  8. I'm so glad all my animals have always been happy with basic generic foods. Hope you can find what you are looking for. And you must tell us how the other scarf blocks out. Do they come out the same??