Sunday, August 16, 2020

Sew Sew Sunday


Yesterday I got around to putting that last border on the hexie top.

It was not without drama. I can't seem to measure or cut straight these days. It was not fun but it is done.

The whole time I was wrestling with it I was kicking myself for making something so big. This was just suppose to be something small to practice my machine quilting on. I think I got carried away.

To reward myself for sticking with the chore of those long, boring borders I played with my little charm square project. It's going to be a Disappearing Nine Patch but I think I underestimated how many charms I need. I had to order more.

My first nine patch was disaster. I had to rip it apart. Dad and I made lots of these little quilts back in the day for all the grandkids but I had forgotten that you have to line up the seams. Duh. I finally got two blocks finished to my satisfaction but I'm going to wait to cut them until I get the other two packs of charms I ordered. I don't need anymore surprises.


  1. I think that hexie quilt is wonderful. The border color is perfect for the colorful hexies.
    Now I wonder what a disappearing nine-patch looks like. I'll be watching this space....

  2. The colors certainly are cheerful. That would keep me going.

  3. That whole "lining up the seams" thing is the main reason I don't quilt. Or sew any thing with fabric for that matter. Congrats on finishing the hexies!

  4. I love the hexie quilt and these fabrics are wonderful. Have fun and stay safe.

  5. Looks good! The hexie quilt is ready for you to quilt it! I forgot about all of those seam matching on the 20 patch blocks of those blues--not hard when you get in the groove but a bit of a shock for the first few blocks! lol

  6. The Hexies look fabulous!

    Disappearing nine patches eat up the charm square - I ALWAYS underestimate how many I need.

  7. Oh but it will be so darn cute finished. I don't know how any one of you does those marvelous quilts DEB!

  8. Your hexie quilt is really pretty!! Well done! :)